YouTube is warning people not to fall for a new phishing scam using their email.


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Emails that appear to come from a major company, but are actually phishing scams, are nothing new. This week, a new scam of this type is circulating, designed as an email from Google’s YouTube.

The official Teams YouTube Twitter account This week’s posted word of this new email hacker scam. Some people are reporting that they are receiving emails that appear to come from YouTube, and also show the address as [email protected].

The email is labeled “Changes to YouTube rules and policies” and the body of the message asks users to click on a link. This link is definitely a way for hackers to download files to your computer or smartphone.

“Be careful and do not download/access any files if you receive this email,” YouTube says. It added that it is currently investigating the phishing scam. It provides a genuine link One of its support pageswhich offers ways to identify a fraudulent email.

Importantly, the support page explains what to do (or more accurately, what not to do) when you receive a phishing email. In short, don’t give out your Google password, don’t share your password, and don’t provide personal information in email.


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