YouTube changes course, won’t remove controversial or disproven political content


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In the run-up to the next US presidential election, YouTube has announced that it will not remove videos that are “controversial or based on false assumptions”. It says allowing these videos to remain online is vital to the functioning of a democratic society because they allow for open discussions and debates.

The updated misinformation policy is a significant change and will be met with mixed reviews. While it is removing this policy, YouTube will still take action against videos that mislead voters about voting requirements or use false claims to discourage voting.

The company said it will also make videos from authentic news sources more prominent in search and recommendations. Some of these channels include ABC News, USA TODAY, NBC News, CBS News, Fox News, and CNN. Under the new disinformation policy, voters should also be able to turn to more fringe YouTube channels that promote more heterodox viewpoints.

“We know that citizens take the integrity of the democratic process incredibly seriously, and so do we,” the YouTube team said. “We will remain vigilant as the election approaches, as we did in 2020 and again in 2022.”

“[W]e has an election-focused team, including members of our Intelligence Desk, Trust & Safety and Product teams, monitoring real-time developments and making adjustments to our strategy as needed. We will have more details to share about our approach to the 2024 election in the coming months.

Many of the misinformation policies that followed on social media, including YouTube, were a direct result of some of the claims made by then-President Donald Trump, which critics alleged were misleading.

The next presidential election is scheduled for next November. Before the election, the Republican Party must choose a nominee. According to Latest ElectionsDonald Trump is far ahead of the pack with 53.9% followed by Ron De Santis at 21.1%.


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