Your Ugly Adventure (YBA) Update Log: (Hamon Rework) – v1.4


Below are the latest update logs for Roblox Your strange adventure. YBA is a platforming MMO RPG that revolves around gaining unique powers called stands and fighting in PvE and PvP modes. Bizarre Studios® develops the game.

While you’re here, don’t forget to check for the latest YBA codes for the latest freebies. First, you can officially join YBA Discord Server To access the latest update logs.

YBA Update 1.4 Patch Notes – January 20, 2022


Hamon Fighting-Style REWORKED
- Now renamed to "Hamon (Jonathan Joestar)"
- 7 new/reworked moves
- New skill tree
- You can now purchase the "Pluck" weapon with Hamon

Changes & Fixes
- Christmas Event disabled
- Increased Max Money from 30,000 to 100,000
- Added an indicator for the Server's Region next to the Server Age indicator
- Added sound effects for picking up Spawned Items that vary on the item's rarity
- Reduced Hamon's cost from $15,000 to $10,000
- Made Ability nodes in Skill Trees have an inverted color of the Starting node when learned and unlearned to easily differentiate Abilities from Passives
- Added a check mark indicator to learned nodes in Skill Trees
- Fixed moves that cure Bleeding and Poison status breaking victims
- Fixed Rage Mode giving damage buffs to non stand related moves
- Fixed Whitesnake Memory Disc not disabling fighting style moves
- Fixed Zombie Henchman mobs not being able to use Boxing skills
- Fixed Vampire mobs not being able to use Vampire skills
- Fixed Twisting Spin Punch breaking when used on Scary Monsters Minions
- Fixed Twisting Spin Punch & Blitz Strike breaking when used in the air
- Fixed dying if you Dash (or use Dashing abilities) while in the skill tree by disabling Dashing and Abilities when in Skill Trees (also fixes accidentally using moves when binding ability keys in Skill Trees)
- Fixed sometimes being unable to ride your horse in the Steel Ball Run gamemode
- Fixed Whirling Steel Ball moving super slow in The Skeleton Heel Stone map
- Fixed animations breaking / being very slow in Gamemodes (1v1, 2v2, SBR)
- Fixed Raging Demon having a slight frame before it's Finisher that allows victims to counter
- Fixed being able to stand on light poles in the Cairo's Bridge map
- Fixed Hermit Purple's Grapple move flinging your victims if you die after using it
- Fixed not being able to use moves while you're able to move in time stop (Time Stop Movement)
- Fixed Time Acceleration reducing cooldowns on Double Accel and all Fighting Style abilities
- Patched an exploit that allowed exploiters to land Steel ball moves on an entire server

- Increased the "Burn" duration on all "Burn" moves
- Bleed Status now only reduces all healing by 30% instead of 40%
- Increased stun on all Kick Barrages
- Reality Overwriting Punch no longer unsummons victims' stands
- Reduced Life Beam of Creation Scorpions damage so they cannot guard break
- Nerfed Haymaker:
  > Max Shield: 75 -> 50
  > Removed lingering hitbox
- Using Return to Zero now places Stand Barrage on a 3s cooldown
- Reduced damage of Twisting Spin Punch by 20%.
- Reduced Twisting Spin Punch cooldown from 20 to 15 seconds.
- Added a timestop cooldown when landing Spin Reflex.

New STAND, Soft & Wet, will be released next update!!! Check out the trailer for it on UzuKee's youtube channel if you haven't already!

YBA Update 1.393 Log – December 24, 2022


- Fixed the bug where Bleed and Poison stacking increases its damage output by an insane amount
- Fixed Dashing, Boxing Shuffle, and Blitz Strike not boosting you during moves that affect your gravity and proportions (Like Gravitational Shift, Reality overwriting punch, etc)

- Increased Boxing's skill tree cost
- Added small time stop cooldowns after using these moves:
  > Haymaker
  > Whirling Steel Ball
  > Jawbreaker
- Nerfed the Bleed damage from the following moves:
  > Liver Shot
  > Impale
  > Chop (All stands)
  > KC Chop Passive
  > SM Bite
  > Surface Inversion Punch
- Nerfed the Poison damage from the following moves:
  > SM Bite
  > All of Purple Hazes' Moves
- Nerfed Knuckle Sandwich's Stun
- Jawbreaker can no longer be parried
- Haymaker Balances:
  > Nerfed Max Fleet Footwork damage
  > Nerfed Max Fleet Footwork Shield

YBA Update 1.39 Log – December 23, 2022


- The fighting style, "Spin" has been completely reworked!
  > New Skill Tree
  > 7 new/reworked moves
- The fighting style, "Boxing" has been completely reworked!
  > New Skill Tree
  > 5 new/reworked moves
- 1 New 1v1/2v2 Map:
  > "Cairo's Bridge"
- 1 New Code:
  > Watch this Youtube Video for the Code:

Changes & Fixes
- New "Anti-healing" system; while Bleeding, Burning, and Poisoned, any healing you receive will be reduced by 40%
- Drastically lowered the amount of fighting space in the 1v1 map, "Skeleton Heel Stone" by adding barriers blocking off a majority of the race track because of running abusers
- Previously fixed a method for "Stand Fusion" but a new method was created. This time I fixed it so you can't use ANY foreign stand moves outside of your actual stand's movesets instead of just fixing the specific methods
- Fixed the following moves lagging the game when used with an Animated Face
  > Time Acceleration
  > Blitz Strike
- Made Damage Indicators a little more pretty by making it glow
- Made Unsealed Steel's SFX have farther range
- New Stand Models for:
  > Crazy Diamond
  > Whitesnake
  > D4C
  > Tusk Act 1
  > King Crimson

- Lethal Tempo no longer works with Anubis
- Removed Silver Chariot's passive basic attackspeed bonus
- Crazy Diamond's healing now goes through defenses (true healing)
- Increased Yo Angelo's windup, added a windup sound, and it can no longer be Perfect blocked
- Increased Homing Shard's projectile speed
- Increased Wormhole Uppercut's windup
- Increased damage on GER moves
- Replaced GER Awakening's damage buff with true damage, increased its duration, and reduced its CD
- Increased Emerald Splash cooldown
- Reality Overwriting Punch now ragdolls instead of stunning and reduced the debuff's duration on victims 
- Reduced King Crimson Requiem, Scary Monsters, and Whitesnake's Skill Tree cost

A new YBA Move-set Trailer will be dropping tomorrow on UzuKee's Youtube Channel so subscribe to turn on notifications! Also, don't forget to check out the Soft & Wet trailer on the channel as well.

YBA Update 1.38 Log – December 15, 2022

v1.38 Patch Notes

- New Christmas Themed Map!
- Collect Christmas Presents! They can be found around the map (0.3% spawn chance) or obtained by winning game modes (drop chances will be listed below). You can open them to obtain a random Limited Edition cosmetic or item!
- Christmas Present drop chances in winning game modes:
  > 1v1's = 4%
  > 2v2's = 1%
  > Casual SBR 3rd = 5%
  > Casual SBR 2nd = 10%
  > Casual SBR 1st = 15%
  > Competitive SBR 3rd = 10%
  > Competitive SBR 2nd = 15%
  > Competitive SBR 1st = 20%
- All Limited Edition Christmas stuff will be unobtainable after the event ends!
- 2x Item Spawning enabled ( Stacks with the 2x spawn on weekends so it would be 4x item spawning! )
- 2x Stand Skin chances ( Works with the robux shop! )
- New 2022 Christmas Stand Skins:
  > Aerosleigh (Epic // Aerosmith)
  > Killer Queen: Bites the Ice (Ucommon // Killer Queen: Bites the Dust)
  > Hierophant Frost (Common // Hierophant Green)
  > Snake of Christmas Past (Legendary // Whitesnake)
  > Moon of Christmas Present (Common // C-Moon)
  > Made in Christmas Future (Legendary // Made in Heaven)
  > Festive Free (Uncommon // Stone Free)
  > King Crampus (Uncommon // King Crimson Requiem)
  > Ice Cold Chili Pepper (Uncommon // Red Hot Chili Pepper)
  > Cream Nog (Uncommon // Cream)
  > Snow Golem (Epic // Magician's Red)
  > Sheared Snow Golem (Epic // Magician's Red)
  > Glacier Trackstar (Uncommon // White Album)
- New 2022 Christmas Item Skins:
  > Jingle Bell (Steel Ball)
  > Peppermint Ball (Steel Ball)
- All 2021 LIMITED EDITION Christmas Skins have also been made obtainable for this Event!
- The Christmas event will end on 01/09/23 (January 9th)

Fixes & Exploit Patches
- Patched "Stand Fusion" where you could use one stand's moves on another stand. Skill key rebinds have been reset for this fix, please rebind your skill keys again
- Fixed animations being all weird and blended into each other
- Patched some exploits regarding Sounds that could make public servers very loud
- Patched an invisibility exploit
- Patched an Auto Parrying exploit
- Patched an exploit that made you to run very fast AND jump very high
- Patched an exploit that made you able to pilot any Stand very far distances

- Made Anubis' model and it's skins not act as an extension of your hitbox
- Night Time now lasts the same duration as Day Time (night time used to last 1.4x shorter)

YBA Update 1.37 Log – October 16, 2022

v1.37 Patch Notes

- 🦇🎃 2022 HALLOWEEN Event!!! 🎃🦇
  > Re-welcoming YBA's 2021 Halloween Event this year but with more Stand Skins, Item Skins,
    and a couple new changes!
  > Collect candy from winning game modes like 1v1's, 2v2's, and Metal Ball Run! Candy will also uncommonly spawn in the main game map.
    Turn in your candy by talking to Jack, The Cauldron Specter for goodies! All Limited Edition Halloween specific skins and 
    cosmetics will be unobtainable after the event ends!
  > New Halloween Themed Main Game Map!
  > All LIMITED EDITION 2021 Halloween Items, Cosmetics, and Stand Skins are now re obtainable
  > 3 New LIMITED EDITION 2022 Halloween Items:
      + Eye of The Saint's Corpse (Steel Ball Weapon Skin)
      + Cursed Scythe (Pluck Weapon Skin)
      + Bone Gloves (Boxing Gloves Skin)
  > 11 New LIMITED EDITION 2022 Halloween Stand Skins:
      + Undead Hand (Common) (The Hand)
      + Dead Experience (Common) (Gold Experience)
      + Pumpkin Patch (Uncommon) (Stone Free)
      + Undead Flare (Uncommon) (Magician's Red)
      + Crimson Mist (Uncommon) (Purple Haze)
      + Jester Crimson (Uncommon) (King Crimson)
      + Mirage of Phantoms (Epic) (The World Over Heaven)
      + Crazy Overseer (Legendary) (Crazy Diamond)
      + Grim Reaper (Legendary) (King Crimson Requiem)
      + Ghostface (Legendary) (Chariot Requiem)
      + Bloodthirster (Legendary) (Anubis)
  > You can now purchase Lucky Arrows in the Halloween Event!
  > 2x Skin Chances ENABLED. Your chances of rolling a skin will be doubled with every method whether its with ROBUX, an item, a quest, etc
  > The event will end on November 7!
  > Watch the Youtube Video showcasing this event here:
- 1 New Stand Skin
  > The Waifu Over Heaven (Legendary) (TWOH)

- Fixed Fighting-Style Key Rebinds not working without a Weapon equipped 
- Fixed the Main game map not rendering properly
- Fixed Asuna Skin not having a face and being unable to use a couple stand abilities
- Fixed a couple abilities not canceling Love Train like Sword-style
- Fixed being able to use Life Distribution without upgrading it in the Skill Tree
- Fixed Fist Barrage breaking if you dequip your Boxing Gloves during it
- Fixed spawning outside the map in 1v1 and 2v2s

- You can now M1 while holding the following items; Steel Ball and Zepellin's Headband
- New Idle animation for the Steel Ball item
- You can now use SwordStyle abilities with the "Stop Sign" or "Candy cane" items equipped
- You now must equip a Steel Ball item to use the following Spin Abilities:
  > Steel Ball
  > Multi Steel Balls

Sorry for being a couple days late, I hope everyone enjoys the update and has a great Halloween! Remember that the next NEW Code goal is to reach 1,250,000 likes on the roblox YBA game page!

...Also, The Spin Rework will still release this month, stay tuned 🙂

YBA Update 1.36 Log – October 3, 2022


- 2 New Skins
  > Asuna (Legendary) (Silver
  > The World: Ultimate (Common) (The
    World: Alternate Universe)

- New stand barrage animation
- New victim animation and Hit sounds for You're In My Range (Crazy Diamond)
- Holding out a Steel Ball, Ancient Scroll, or Zepellin's Headband will now prioritize Fighting-Style moves

- Fixed Tusk Act 4 stunning victims after Wormhole Uppercut and Arigato Gyro
- Fixed certain moves bugging out in 1v1/2v2 maps
- Improved invisible barriers in 1v1/2v2 maps for less cheesing 
- Fixed Biblically Accurate Experience Skin not transferring when you requiem Gold Experience
- Fixed Silver Chariot's no armor m1 speed buff affecting non stand attacks
- Fixed Yo Angelo's stun not removing after the rock trap ends early

YBA Update 1.35 Log – August 31, 2022

- Crazy Diamond REWORKED !!!
  > New Skill Tree
- 9 New SKINS !!!
  > Anti Umbral (Hermit Purple) (Uncommon)
  > Tsunate (Crazy Diamond) (Uncommon)
  > Nocturne (Cream) (Epic)
  > Crazy Idol (Crazy Diamond) (Epic)
  > Sakara (Crazy Diamond) (Epic)
  > Neon Ascension Diamond (Crazy Diamond)
  > Whisper (Six Pistols) (Legendary)
  > Blade of The Exile (Anubis) (Legendary)
  > Biblically Accurate Experience (Gold
    Experience) (Legendary)
- 2 New 1v1/2v2 MAPS !!!
  > Skeleton Heel Stone
  > Green Dolphin Street Prison Courtyard
- Skill keybinds improved!
  > If you have a Stand & Fighting
    Style skill binded to the same key
    then it'll now activate the Fighting
    Style skill when you have ANY weapon
    equipped. Simply unequip the weapon
    to activate the stand skill
  > All skill key rebind data have been
    reset for this, please rebind your
    skill keys

- New Private Server chat command: /e attackdummy
- Updated the following Stand Models:
  > Star Platinum: The World
  > Aerosmith
  > Ms. Aerosmith (SKIN)
  > Train to Hell (SKIN)
  > Tomb Crypt Tusk (SKIN)
  > Sorceror's Red (SKIN)
  > Headhunter (SKIN)
  > Casull (SKIN)
- Added flashing windup indicators to Stand Beatdown moves, Impale, & Road roller
- You can toggle the keybinds for GE and GER's Self Life Distribution & Life Distribution skills / Also removed their hyper armor
- D4C Clones & Scary Monster Minions now die if they're too far away from its user
- Toggle Armor has been changed to "Shed Armor" & slightly reworked gameplay
- Non stand users now see every stand to make the game more beginner friendly

- Added a 2s global Time Stop CD to the following moves:
  > Time Skip
  > Road Roller
  > Ora Beatdown
  > Blitz Strike
  > Reality Overwriting Punch
- Added 4s Global CD to Self Distribution after using Summon Tree
- Slightly decreased the windup on String Slam
- Removed damage multiplier & counter duration buff on victims hit by Gravitational Shift, but increased range & stun on the move
- Removed Hyper Armor from Gravitational Shift
- Increased Anubis' skills damage by 20%
- Reduced Curse Imbued Slice's knockback & CD
- Reduced After Image, Cursed Blade, & Enraged Fury's CD
- Replaced Stun M1's from Super Natural Swordplay pasive with block breaking on the last M1 combo + higher attackspeed
- Nerfed Vola Barrage's damage and removed its knockback
- Increased damage on all RHCPs skills damage
- Electrify now gives teleport dashes
- Reduced Pinky Slashs cooldown & windup
- Reduced Electric Discharges windup
- Shake Key now bypasses IFrames & counters
- Reduced Platinum Slam's end lag
- Added end lag to skull crusher
- Reduced Inhale's Duration
- Destructive Power no longer increases healing
- Reduced Smoke Grenade's Duration
- Removed the knockback on Pocket Revolver
- Reduced TWAU's knives stun
- Reduced Vine Trap's stun
- Reduced Double Vine Slaps second stun + removed its hyper armor & the knockback
- Reduced Arrow Barrages damage
- After waking up from Conqueror's Will your stand auto summons
- Reduced Wormhole Uppercut's windup duration
- Increased Nail Glide's speed
- Gave Tusk Act 4 +1 DP upgrade node
- Scary Monster minions show their HP bar
- Cycle Slash pulls enemies inwards
- Silver Chariot has 1.2x attack speed passively
- All victims, except the user, of Universe Reset now take true damage from all sources while in Alternate Universe form
- Reduced Emerald Barrier's damage

- Fixed Jotaro Kujo, Heaven Ascension Dio, Jotaro, & Dio mobs breaking after attempting Time Stop
- Fixed Sword Style not draining Blood as a Vampire
- Fixed Tusk nail projectiles not registering hits sometimes
- Fixed lingering hitbox on Heaven Ascended Smite
- Fixed Crescent Slice & Soaring Tempests default keybinds being switched

YBA Update 1.34 Log – August 14, 2022

- New 1v1 and 2v2 Arena map: The Joestar Mansion
- New Stand Skin:
  > Vanilla Ice Cream (Cream) (Common)
- New "Roll Skin" product in the Shop menu! It will guarantee a Stand Skin for the price of 999 robux (Does not reset Pity Count)
- Increased Lucky Arrow skin chances from 90% to 95% (Still increases with Pity Count up to 100%)
- Converted all NPC/MOB/COSMETIC names back to their original JOJO names

Item Spawning
- Increased the Range at which spawned items will actually appear on your screen by 2x (basically if you're too far from an item it will not show up on your screen)
- Added a little glow and particle to spawned items and made them float up and down a bit so it's easier to tell that it's a spawned item
- Made spawned items have a ProximityPrompt GUI indicator to pick it up!
- Increased the Item Notifier Hint duration by 3 seconds

- EXTREME lag reduction and optimization. The game's total memory has been reduced by a whole 400 ontop of disabling a lot of shadows and laggy rendering on the map. If you have been crashing then try to play the game now
- Also Reduced the lag upon summoning a Stand by optimizing it's rendering and shadows
- Hopefully fixed the server lag in 1v1s and 2v2s (Slow projectile moves, etc)

- Added "Dialogue Speaker Name" to the new Dialogue GUIs

YBA Update 1.332 Log – August 11, 2022

- Made item spawn rates 2x faster
- Increased Mysterious Arrow spawn rates in return for reducing Rokakaka and Gold Coin spawn rates

- Lethal Tempo now increases Sword attack speed
- Pierce Strike now counts as a Sword Attack and buffed it's Sword Mastery upgrade nodes

- Reduced the knockback on M1 attacks

- Fixed being able to roll Vela Nova as a skin when obtaining Made in Heaven
- Fixed Sukuna skin not having epitaph's head indicator
- Hopefully fixed the bug where you got kicked from the game for No Exploiting (#🗿)

YBA Update 1.331 Log – August 10, 2022

- Converted the following old dialogues to newer improved dialogue:
  > DEO's Diary
  > Redeemed DEO's Diary
  > Stone Mask
  > Pure Rokakaka
  > Redeemed Pure Rokakaka
  > Requiem Arrow
  > Redeemed Requiem Arrow
  > Green Baby
  > Redeemed Green Baby

- Increased Mysterious Arrow and Rokakaka spawn rates in return for lowering Gold Coin's spawn rates

- Updated the Drop Money GUI to match the new Menu button GUI's

- Drastically increased the chances of Requiem Arrow being successful with each Worthiness node. It is still 100% at max worthiness

- Fixed Spin breaking

YBA Update 1.322 Log – August 8, 2022


- Converted the following old dialogues to newer improved dialogue:
  > Mysterious Arrow
  > Redeemed Mysterious Arrow
  > Lucky Arrow
  > Redeemed Lucky Arrow
  > Stand Arrow
  > Rokakaka
  > Redeemed Rokakaka

- Removed auto sprinting from Charge Hamon and Golden Spin because it was causing a weird bug that made you stop sprinting

- Fixed 1v1s kicking you

YBA Update 1.32 Log – August 8, 2022

- 1v1s has been re enabled

- Fixed shutdowns and leaving the game making you lose any item you are holding

- Fixed MBR rewards

- Fixed Sukuna skin breaking

YBA Update 1.3 Log – August 6, 2022

New Additions
- Sword-Style REWORKED!
  > Completely new skill tree!
  > You can now use sword moves while
    having Anubis equipped
- Skin Rarities!
  > All stand skins will now have
    rarities just like Cosmetics and
    each rarity has different chances in
    rolling them (common, uncommon,
    epic, legendary)
  > Stand skins will now have a separate
    "Limited" label for when they are
  > Increased Pity Count percentage
    mulitplier by 2x and increased the
    max pity count by 2x
  > Added a new button in Stand Storage
    that you can click to view your all of
    your Stand's unique data
  > Moved your current stand indicator
    from Settings to Stand Storage
  > Added a new "Stand Shop" that you
    can toggle in the "Robux Store"!
- New SKINS!
  > Star Striped Eagle (Magician's Red //
  > Emperor (Six Pistols // Common)
  > Rock Unleashed (Stone Free // Common)
  > Ms. Aerosmith (Aerosmith // Common)
  > Frozone (White Album // Common)
  > Virus Vessel (Purple Haze // Common)
  > Devil4C (D4C // Common)
  > Actually Red Hot Chili Pepper (Red Hot
    Chili Pepper // Common)
  > Nonosama Bo (Beach Boy // Common)
  > Train to Hell (D4C Love Train
    // Uncommon)
  > OVA Emperor (Six Pistols // Uncommon)
  > Elizabeth Liones (Crazy Diamond //
  > Casull (Six Pistols // Epic)
  > Headhunter (Six Pistols // Legendary)
  > Sukuna (King Crimson Requiem //
- New 1v1 and 2v2 Arena MAP!
- New CODE!!!
  > Find the code in this youtube video:
  > Next NEW Code at 1,250,000 likes on
    the roblox YBA game page!

Quality of Life
- Improved the Trading Frame visually!
- Improved 1v1's lobby and matchmaking efficiency

- Reverted Stand Names back to their original JOJO names!
- Item spawn times will now be 2x faster in servers with more than 8 players!
- Altered cosmetic rarity percentages
  > Common: 60.5% -> 60%
  > Uncommon: 34% -> 32%
  > Epic: 5% -> 8%
  > Legendary: 0.5% -> 2%
- Replaced the "Unique" rarity for cosmetics with a new separate "Limited" label for when a cosmetic is unobtainable. All previous "Unique" cosmetics have been given a new rarity!
- Moved the equipped fighting style indicator from Settings to Style Storage
- Moved the following menu buttons to the settings frame:
  > Cosmetics Button
  > Gang Button
- When in a private server the cmd "/e dummy" will now spawn a killable dummy with 100 HP // type the new cmd "/e godlydummy" to spawn an infinite HP dummy
- Made it so you skip loading assets and the play screen when loading into Metal Ball Run, 1v1's, and 2v2's
- Reduced the game's memory by 300 by optimizing the map. If you had crashing problems try to play the game now.
- Made it so you can chat if you toggle the play screen again
- Updated the following stand models: Whitesnake, Star Platinum: The World, Sumo World (The World Skin), Aerosmith (stand barrage VFX)

- Nerfed Vampire Race damage increase (20% > 10%)
- Reduced Spin Punch Windup
- Reduced Inhale duration (5s > 3s) and made it so you can't use The World during Inhale
- Reduced Star Finger's range

- Fixed Steel Ball abilities moving the player
- Fixed Dashing, Charging Hamon, and Golden Spin causing you to stop sprinting 
- Fixed specific people crashing due to having outdated stand data
- Patched an exploit that caused very loud music / ambience
- Patched a godmode exploit
- Fixed Mobs not working properly when you try to attack them after you respawn sometimes
- Fixed players appearing to have 0 health until damaged when they respawn
- Fixed being unable to move/jump when you respawn sometimes
- Fixed Head Charge breaking you if it gets canceled
- Fixed Scary Monsters attack hitbox being huge
- Fixed Frog lifeform not working in Gamemodes

YBA Update 1.2 Log – August 2, 2022

- Fixed the game completely breaking for new players and a couple old players

YBA Update 1.1 Log – August 1, 2022


- You can no longer drop items. Pressing backspace on an equipped item will prompt you to delete it, so be careful. You must use the trading system in order to trade items

- Trading now has a 1 minute cooldown

YBA Update 1.007 Log – July 6, 2022

- Made the Pity system for rolling Stand Skins save upon leaving the game!

YBA Update 1.003 Log – July 6, 2022

Quality of Life
- Made it so you automatically start sprinting after you stop charging Hamon and Spin

- Other players health bars will now appear above their character
- Changed M2 windup indicators visuals a bit and made it visible on stands as well
- Made it so you can't use String Lasso on a horse

- Fixed being able to hit Life Drain victims near the end of the animation
- Fixed Home Run making you unable to move when you're hit by another move at the same time
- Fixed String Pilot bypassing counter moves
- Fixed Mobs sinking into the ground and sliding away
- Fixed "The Waifu v2" not transferring when evolving The Universe
- Fixed storyline bugging with Koechee'S Suitcase
- Fixed String Beatdown breaking if the victim leaves the game or respawns
- Fixed movestacking with Stone Free's ora kicks + string pilot
- Fixed Vola Barrage's Hitbox being inconsistent when walking
- Patched multiple exploits
- Fixed String Beatdown breaking when used on a Stand in pilot mode

- Increased Golden Skin's damage reduction from 20% to 30% 
- Made "Steel Ball" move ignore blocks
- Reduced the rate at which your Spin bar decreases
- Increased Scarlet Overdrive's windup time
- Increased base damage of Emerald Splash from 1.5 to 3 but reduced its duration
- Increased the damage of all Grey Rapier moves by 1.3x
- Increased Last Shot cooldown by 5 seconds
- Reduced Million Pricks knockback
- You can no longer use Million Pricks on players with iframes
- Increased the windup speed for Skull Crusher and reduced its cooldown
- Increased Platinum Slam's damage, decreased it's cooldown, improved it's hitbox detection, and added M2 windup indicator visuals to it
- Made Electric Flash no longer stun people with iframes
- Increased Scattered Coin Bombs damage
- Reduced Deadly King and it's evolved version's skill tree costs
- Reduced Summon Frog Lifeform's end lag and increased the frog's hitbox size
- Increased Impale’s base damage
- Made Epitaph’s Chop passive do more damage and proc bleeding
- Made Golden Spirit Requiem's healing abilities not increase with Awakening
- Reduced Golden Spirit Requiem's Skill Tree costs
- Reduced base duration of Reality Marble by 3 seconds.
- Gave Stone Free Ora Kicks hyper armor
- Made it so Acidic Spew cannot hit people with iframes.
- Increased all of G-Moon's stand abilities damage by 30%
- Made the second hit on Surface Inversion Punch bypass block.
- Made Pocket Revolver cancellable
- Increased Victim Clone cooldown
- Increased Love Train cooldown
- Made Wormhole Nails go through walls
- Reduced Golden Nail I-IV's skill tree costs
- Added 2 second time stop CD when landing Kick Barrage and Smoke Grenade's explosion
- Reduced Time Stop's end lag

YBA Update 1.002 Log – July 2, 2022

- You can now trade redeemed Stands!!!
- Increased player count for Main Game servers (from 16 to 20)
- Increased music volume by 1.5x

- Fixed Skill Trees breaking when you die during viewing it
- Fixed not being able to buy Spin
- Fixed losing an item if you hold it and leave the game, trade, or respawn
- Fixed 2v2s not working
- Fixed being able to redeem codes when dead
- Fixed being able to stack Home Run, String Beatdown, and String Slam
- Fixed some map collision issues
- Fixed umbrella m1's with Stand not having correct damage

YBA Update 0.939 Log – January 9, 2022

- fixed an exploit that kicked players

- fixed not being able to use stand slots for some people

- fixed trading stands bugging out for some people

While you’re here, you can check out our Roblox Promo Codes and Roblox Game Codes lists. Remember to also check out our definitive list of Roblox free stuff.


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