You will soon be able to access ChatGPT using PowerToys.


PowerToys logo with OpenAI logo

Here’s another utility coming soon for Power Tools on Windows 10 and 11. In addition to an improved utility launcher, Microsoft is working on integrating ChatGPT into PowerToZRun. This will let you ask the AI ​​without opening your browser and visiting the official ChatGPT website.

There is a ChatGPT plugin for PowerToys. is being prepared by the Simon Franco (Twitter), the developer behind the popular WSATools app that lets you sideload APK files on Windows. Several weeks ago, they tweeted about a prototype plugin to integrate ChatGPT into PowerToys, and now the project is on its way to being publicly available.

The plugin will let you query ChatGPT using Run, PowerToys’ search-like launcher. It allows you to type a keyword to invoke the utility and then enter your request. After that, PowerToys will send the request using the OpenAI API and return the result below the search box.

A prototype of the PowerToyc ChatGPT plugin
An early prototype of the ChatGPT plugin for PowerToys

Currently, the ChatGPT plugin for PowerToys still needs a lot of work, so it will take some time to be baked before public release. Developers may want to implement a better activation keyword and responsive UI, add icons, define click actions (e.g. copy result), error handling, and chat in Windows. Want to brainstorm new ideas for better GPT integration. Whatever comes of it, it’s sure to be better than Microsoft’s lame Bing ad on Windows 11’s taskbar, claiming that the OS is now supercharged with artificial intelligence.

How do you envision a proper ChatGPT integration in Windows and PowerTools? Sound off in the comments below.


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