Xioami is reportedly pre-installing three web browsers on some ROMs.


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Xiaomi has apparently taken the bloatware game to a whole new level. MIUI Polska author Kacper Skrzypek reported via his Twitter handle that the company is pre-installing three web browsers on some MIUI ROMs. The browsers in question are Google Chrome, Mi Browser, and Opera Browser.

Skrzypek said that he tested about 20 different MIUI ROMs and found that Opera was included in some global and Indian ROMs. This claim was echoed by other users as well. Shared screenshots of their devices. Skrzypek added that the Opera browser is removable on global ROMs but not on their Indian counterparts. However, the total number of browsers on Indian ROMs is only two as was Mi Browser. Banned in the past. by the government.

The Twitter user notes that the Opera browser does not come preloaded on ROMs for other regions, including Europe, Russia, and Taiwan. However, there was a browser saw On several devices such as the Indian versions of the Mi 11X, Xiaomi 11T Pro, and Xiaomi 12 Pro.

through Android Authority


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