Xiaomi denies Ukraine’s claim that it is an ‘international sponsor of war’


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Ukraine’s National Agency for Prevention of Corruption on Thursday Famous smartphone maker Xiaomi was listed as an international sponsor of the battle.. The decision was made because Xiaomi continued to operate in Russia and “still tops smartphone sales in the terrorist state”. Not happy with this assessment, the Chinese company has issued its own. Your statement Explaining that its products are intended for civilian and commercial use, but not for war.

In its statement, the company said it believes that consumers anywhere in the world have the right to access communication devices and information on the Internet. It added that it rejects the claim that it is an international sponsor of war and does not support any hostilities. It ended by saying:

“We fully embrace world peace. Our mission is to let everyone in the world enjoy a better life through advanced technology.”

From Ukraine’s perspective, it has seen Xiaomi increase its market share in Russia at the expense of Western brands. which stood for solidarity with Ukraine.. With higher sales, this means higher taxes paid to the Russian state which are then used to fund the war effort. Ukraine also points to the fact that Xiaomi is now hiring for its Russian offices. Ukraine says this shows that Xiaomi intends to restore full operations in Russia.

By adding Xiaomi to its list of war sponsors, Ukraine hopes to make cooperation with Xiaomi more dangerous and undesirable. Only time will tell if this is effective or if Xiaomi successfully argues its defense.


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