Xbox will reportedly no longer distribute physical copies in Brazil.


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  • A Brazilian gaming website has reported that Xbox will no longer produce physical copies of its games in Brazil.
  • The website had to confirm the news with various retailers.
  • A factory making discs for Xbox games has also reportedly shut down.

According to some retailers, Xbox has eliminated the division of physical sports in Brazil. The information came after a Brazilian website partially confirmed the news. Anyone who wants to play the released game will have to join the digital store.

Nerdizmo His article mentions that he had to confirm the news with distributors who work with such big names. Go to solution 2 And Warner. The main reason behind this could be the declining trend of physical gaming in the industry. Digital gaming is the be all and end all, considering 90% of all games sold in the UK were digital..

Physical games aren’t selling like they used to in years past. Both gamers and publishers focus more on the digital side. This trend can already be seen as some notable titles are coming soon like Hogwarts Legacy, Like a Dragon: Ishin! And Resident Evil 4 Not physically distributed with discs for Xbox.

The games will only be available digitally in Brazil. Pre-orders for physical copies of the games were only available to them. PlayStation Only

Furthermore, according to another Brazilian website, rudeness, The reason that physical copies of Resident Evil 4 are exclusive to the PlayStation in Brazil is because the factory that copies Xbox discs in the country has shut down. As a result, until the situation changes, no additional Capcom games will be released on disc for Microsoft platforms.

The physical market has been seeing its decline for a long time, however, Brazil may be the first country to begin removing physical sales from the gaming industry entirely. Complete removal may not be possible but physical copies may end up as nostalgic reminders of your old gaming days in the future.

Another reason behind the decline is the affordability of digital formats. Xbox Series S It has gained a lot of success recently due to being more affordable and user-friendly. The console only works for digital games. From this, we can assume that Xbox is actually planning to stop physical manufacturers altogether.

More and more digital platforms are skyrocketing including Xbox Game Pass, GamePass has recently propelled the circle to a major digital gaming success. Game Pass has proven its fan service through subscriptions or free games. Moreover PS Plus The digital age has yet another addition.

Additionally, if domestic manufacturing of physical copies does in fact cease, discs may have to be imported resulting in higher prices, leading to the complete end of the physical sports era in Brazil.

A brief statement has been given by Microsoft on the matter. Voxel, another gaming website in Brazil received a message from Microsoft’s Brazilian division. The company has not taken any stand regarding the rumours.

At Xbox, we’re always looking for ways to give fans the best content to play on the device of their choice. The community can now enjoy our games on day one via digital codes or Game Pass. “We look forward to an incredible 12 months ahead of us,” the company said in a note sent to Voxel.

Additionally, Xbox has been seen making decisions lately. Xbox has reportedly canceled its E3 appearance due to marketing budget cuts.. Microsoft has tried to reduce costs in the company, 11,000 to lay off+ People in the last few weeks.

Additionally, we received another exciting piece of news today. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is available at 66% off thanks to a new Mashable/Xbox partnership.. A special Valentine’s Day offer lets you get the best Game Pass tier for just $9.99.

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