Xbox update 2305.230424-2200 makes sure your steering wheels are on the right track


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Released by Microsoft. Construction 2305.230424-2200 But to Xbox Insiders Omega, DeltaAnd Son ring This is the build that goes out to users so the release notes, listed below, are the same across all circles. The primary fix in the update addresses an issue where some steering wheels unexpectedly lose power feedback.

The fix should be appreciated by gamers who play racing games like Forza MotorsportWhich has just added Blind Driving Assist and One Touch Driving features. While we’re on the subject of Xbox games, don’t forget that Microsoft just released a fresh batch of Free Play Days games.

The release notes for build 2305.230424-2200 are as follows:

Reforms applied

  • Thanks to the hard work of Xbox engineers, we’re happy to announce that the following fixes have been implemented for this build:

the game

  • Fixes to fix some steering wheels losing unexpected feedback in some titles.


  • Various updates to correctly reflect local languages ​​in the console.
    • Note: Users participating in the preview may see “strange” text in the console, see for more information Here.

There are also some lingering issues with this building that we won’t go into because they’ve been covered enough in the past. There are two issues worth noting here, though, that involve working solutions. If the games you’re installing or updating take longer than expected in the ‘killing things’ queue, just go ahead and restart your console. Xbox button > Restart the console. > restart. If your display shows the wrong resolution when the console boots, you can restart your Xbox from the Power menu. When it returns, it should display correctly on your TV.


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