Xbox and Game Bar on Windows gamers can no longer share game uploads to Twitter


This is the official image that Microsoft posted for its Gamescom 2021 media briefing.

If you’re an Xbox or Windows gamer, it’s about to get a little harder to quickly show off your cool gameplay clips on Twitter. Microsoft has confirmed that the Game Bar’s ability to share the last 30 seconds of gameplay on Twitter with Windows users for its Xbox consoles has been disabled.

Microsoft confirmed that the feature had been turned off after a gamer said that His Xbox Twitter account (through Windows Central). “You can still share your favorite moments on Twitter through the Xbox app for Android and iOS,” the post added.

The post doesn’t detail why Microsoft made this move, but it’s not hard to put two and two together on this “mystery.” Twitter recently announced that it will no longer offer its API to large businesses for free. It is now charging at least $42,000 a month in fees for using its API. Microsoft probably doesn’t feel like it wants to pay Twitter for this feature.

Earlier this week, Microsoft Advertising announced that it will no longer support Twitter as of April 25. That led Twitter CEO Elon Musk to threaten Microsoft with a lawsuit, as he made a vague and unsubstantiated claim that Microsoft “trained to use Twitter data illegally”.

Source: Xbox on Twitter through Windows Central


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