With Stardock WindowBlinds, you can make your Windows 11 Moment 2 PC look like Windows 12.


Over the past month or so, there has been an increase in reports and discussions about how Microsoft is shaping the future of Windows. Rumors suggest that with Next Valley (commonly known as Windows 12), the tech giant will return to revitalizing its Windows 10 X ambitions with a new “Core PC” modular approach. can One senior executive has already talked about how cloud and AI are going to play a bigger role in next-generation systems. Thus, it looks like the company is gradually adding Cloud PC options within the Settings app. These settings are already being quietly extended in the latest build of Canary Insider. A prototype UI for Next Valley has revealed what the next generation of Windows will likely resemble.

A mockup of the UI for the upcoming Windows Next Valley
Prototype UI of NextValley (Windows 12)

If you want a look at what this will look like, Stardock’s WindowBlinds 11, which was released in February of this year, introduced a new diamond-themed taskbar option with a rounded taskbar. This design makes the taskbar look like it’s floating, something similar to what you can see in the image above for the Next Valley prototype.

gave As the blog post explaining this feature says.:

WindowBlinds 11 is the easiest way to truly personalize your desktop. With just a few clicks, you can theme your desktop with a retro style like Windows Classic, or move forward in time with a theme like Diamond, which rounds out the taskbar and reminds you of the next version of Windows. Looks like.

And with the latest version of WindowBlinds 11, support for Windows 11 22H2 Moment 2 (KB5022913) has been added, which means those on Moment 2 can now get a Windows 12-like taskbar experience. It looks like this:

Window blinds with diamond taskbar 11

The release notes for WindowBlinds say:

  • How address bar transparency is handled on Win11 in Explorer and a small workaround for taskbar support for Windows Update KB5022913

  • It has 22H2 Moment 2 support.

You can download WindowBlinds from Newwin’s dedicated story page here, where you’ll also find additional details about the software. You can also download the entire Object Desktop package. Object Desktop Programs such as the fences, Start 11, group, Sound Packager, Deskscapes And Abundance.

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