Wintoys offers a safe and easy way to debloat, optimize, tweak and repair Windows 11.


A screenshot of the Wintoys app listing in the Microsoft Store

Although Windows 11 works perfectly for most users, some OS by removing unnecessary power-consuming components, disabling services, uninstalling non-removable apps, and other types of debloating. Want to improve. Some resort to projects like Tiny 11, while others prefer to do it themselves. If you think you could squeeze extra performance out of your system with a few tweaks, but the workload seems a bit daunting, a new app called Wintoys can help.

Screenshot of Wintoys app for tweaking and servicing Windows 11

Wintoys is a new free program available in the Microsoft Store. It has a sleek, modern user interface that matches the general aesthetics of Windows 11. But the eyecandy is just a nice bonus — the most important thing is what the app can do with your system, and it can do a lot.

The developer aims to create a simple and secure app for tweaking, servicing and debouncing Windows 11. It provides access to Windows services with a clear explanation of what each service does and a one-click option to enable or disable them. Wintoys can also configure third-party and first-party services, highlight running services, list unnecessary parts and more.

Screenshot of Wintoys app for tweaking and servicing Windows 11

Another great feature is the ability to uninstall or reset apps, including those that don’t allow removal without resorting to utilities like Microsoft Wingate or more radical methods.

Finally, plenty of “health”-related features and tweaks can help you get extra performance and keep your computer in good shape to suit your needs and preferences. The Wintoys app gathers the settings and options scattered across the operating system in one place, organizes them, and provides a clear, easy-to-understand, and convenient control panel. Plus you get additional tweaks and tools that aren’t available in the Settings app or Control Panel, like better control over ads, privacy and more.

Screenshot of Wintoys app for tweaking and servicing Windows 11

It’s worth noting that Wintoys is a third-party app for tinkering with Windows and its settings, so you should consider potential security and privacy risks before getting started. If you want to give Wintoys a shot, get the app. From the Microsoft Store (through WC).


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