WingetUI latest update brings improvements for Windows 11 as well as Windows 10, and more.


Sian Sen


December 28, 2022 03:40 EST

WingetUI Discourse Packages page

WingetUI, a third-party GUI utility tool for managing CLI package managers like Winget or Scoop, received its latest update today. The new update, version 1.5.2, fixes blurry textures on Windows 10, and improves the positioning of the Task Manager context menu on Windows 11. Apart from these, there are many other improvements and bug fixes such as .NET, PNG files, and more. You can see the WingetUI 1.5.2 changelog below:

General Changelog:

  • Settings Page Improvements:
    • Wingate-related utilities should no longer enable scope.
    • Reorganized the headers.
    • Added a sub-menu for experimental features.
  • Added a section to view, add and remove scope buckets.
  • Added a new screenshot viewer to the info window.
  • Improved general keyboard navigation
  • Improved blur texture on Windows 10 systems.
  • Fixed issues with scope custom buckets
  • Fixed some issues with global scope installations.
  • Improved taskbar context menu positioning on Windows 11 systems
  • Added update date and release notes to the info window.
  • The number of packages installed when uninstalling an app will vary.
  • Fixed an issue where the window would expand between app restarts.
  • Fixed an issue where Wingate would not detect Wingateo.
  • Improved dialogs, fixing an issue where users couldn’t interact with them.
  • Fixed issues with parsing application information on botw winget and scop
  • Optimized PNG files, thanks to @panther7
  • Fixed issues with .NET runtimes and MSVC++ 2010 (thanks to Microsoft for breaking IDs and adding double spaces)
  • Better scope installer, thanks to @panther7
  • Fix all broken select/unselect on Updates and Installed section.
  • Fixed loading loops when no package manager was enabled.
  • Fixed incorrectly identified packages
  • WingetUI now correctly detects Microsoft Store packages on the Installed tab.
  • Added fluid context menus to even more areas of the UI.
  • Servers moved to instead of old

You can download the latest from WingetUI. GitHub Where you can also view the detailed changelog.

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