Windows backup tool Macrame gets new update despite announcement of end of free release


Reflect on a macrame rendered screen

In late November, Paramount Software announced that it was discontinuing its Macrium Reflect Free Edition with version 8.0. The firm recently released the latest version v8.0.7175 with some new changes and additions. However, it seems that the company has now released a new update to the Macrame Reflect Free Edition with the latest release version 8.0.7279.

Although this release is still within v8.0 of Macrame Reflect Free, the changelog has not been updated. Official website From previous version 8.0.7175. So it’s a quiet release, to say the least, and one has to wonder why the developers haven’t published a release note for the new update.

At TechSpot, the new version 8.0.7279 can be found with new release notes. There’s a new total progress bar, a fix for hanging backups, and CPU performance issues.

  • Backup progress

  • Backup is blocked.

  • Redeploy.

You can download it from TechSpot’s. website.


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