Windows 11-ready systems can finally run Memtest86 Plus thanks to new Secure Boot support


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MemTest86 Plus, a very popular memory testing utility (not to be confused with the original Passmark MemTest86) has finally gained Secure Boot support with the latest version 6.10. This is great news for users who wanted to test their memory using the software but would not be able to do so on systems that had Secure Boot enabled. While the Secure Boot feature has been around for a while, Microsoft made it a mandatory system requirement with Windows 11 and as a result, the Secure Boot capability became essential.

Previously, when a user tried to use Memtest86+ to enable Secure Boot on a PC, a “Secure Boot Violation” message would appear. The developer of the utility discussed this issue in the software. Frequently Asked Questions Section:

I can’t boot because of “Secure Boot Violation”.

– The Memtest86+ binary is not signed by Microsoft, so you need to temporarily disable secure boot in your BIOS options. We are working on a better solution.

Memtest86 Plus interface

Apart from Secure Boot support, there are other improvements including headless UEFI support, BadRam issue fix, and more. The full changelog is given below:

This release primarily adds support for Secure Boot Signing.

Full changelog:

  • Add support for secure bot signing.
  • Add support for headless EFI systems.
  • Add various command line options.
  • Add support for the legacy ATI SB400.
  • Fix problem related to BadRAM pattern.
  • Fix disabling SMP using F2 at startup.
  • Fix crash on SuperMicro X10SDV.
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations

You can download Memtest86+ v6.10 from Official website or from GitHub.

through: Phronics


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