Windows 11 is getting more useful first-party widgets.


Windows 11 logo with MSN weather and news logos

Windows 11 users are finally getting more widgets. The Messenger app recently became the first third-party widget to hit the Microsoft Store, and now the software giant has a new widget for PhoneLink app users in the Dev Channel.

You can add the Phone Link widget after installing app version 1.23011.73.0 or later (via Desk Modder) From the Microsoft Store. It is available in three sizes and allows checking notifications and various status indicators, such as battery level, network, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Clicking on a message on the widget launches the PhoneLink app and takes you to the Notifications section.

Phone Link widget in Windows 11

It’s great to see Microsoft adding more useful widgets to the operating system, not just using this area to promote MSN and various tabloids. However, one problem remains: accessing the widget requires an additional action, such as a click, a key shortcut, or hovering the cursor over the widget icon. Some say that opening Windows widgets to check PhoneLink notifications is no different than launching an app from the taskbar. This undermines the basic idea of ​​widgets providing quick, noticeable information without additional actions.

Users want Microsoft to allow widgets to be placed directly on the desktop, and this is one of the many popular requests we’ve seen in our “Top 10 Features Users Want in Windows WidgetsAlthough Microsoft has been reluctant to turn Windows 11’s widgets into gadgets since the Windows 7 era, the company at least tries to make Windows Widgets a little better with it. Third party support And more first-party widgets.


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