Windows 11 build 23471 gets File Explorer tab integration, a redesigned Network Lock, and more.


Windows 11 Insider Preview

Microsoft has released a new Windows 11 build for Dev Channel Insiders. The new build, 23471, adds more features to the tabbed file explorer and fixes bugs. It has the option to add a new phone photo to the gallery, a redesigned network flyout lock, and more. The full changelog is given below:

What’s New in Build 23471

Add phone photos to File Explorer gallery.

Accessing your phone’s camera roll from your PC is an important everyday task that’s now easier with File Explorer Gallery. There’s a new button in the command bar titled “Add Phone Photos” that will help you prepare your computer to display those photos in the gallery. Clicking this button today will open a URL with a QR code that you can scan with your phone to get started.

Add the Phone Photos option to the command bar in File Explorer.

Add the Phone Photos option to the command bar in File Explorer.

Note: Users may need to opt-in to the OneDrive Insider program to get a version of the OneDrive sync client that handles the protocol when clicking this button. To join the OneDrive Insider program, Open the OneDrive settings by bringing up the OneDrive flyout from the system tray. From there, go to the About page and turn on the toggle for the OneDrive Insider Program.

Feedback: Enter feedback in the Feedback Hub (WIN + F) under Files, Folders, and Online Storage > File Explorer.

Narrator’s Natural Voices in Spanish (Spain and Mexico)

We’re introducing new natural voices in Spanish (Spain and Mexico) that allow Narrative users to comfortably browse the web, read and write mail, and more. Natural narrators use voices. moderntext-to-speech is supported on the device and without an internet connection once downloaded.

To use one of the natural sounds, add it to your PC by following these steps:

  1. Open Narrative Settings by pressing WIN + Ctrl + N hotkey.
  2. Under Narrator Voice, select the Add button next to Add natural sounds.
  3. Select the sound you want to install. You can install all the sounds, but you must install them separately.
  • There are new Spanish (Spain) sounds. Microsoft Alvaro And Microsoft Elvira.
  • There are new Spanish (Mexico) voices. Microsoft George And Microsoft added.
  1. To start downloading the selected sound, select Install. Depending on your internet download speed, the new sound will be downloaded and ready to use in a few minutes.
  2. When the new voice is downloaded, select your favorite voice from the drop-down menu under Narrator Voice in Narrator Settings > Choose Voice.

Note: If your display language is not set to Spanish, then in step 3 you will first need to select “Choose a different language” and then select the appropriate language after the specified sound.

Feedback: Please enter feedback in the Feedback Hub (Win + F) under Accessibility > Narrator.

Changes and improvements

[Lock screen]

  • We’ve updated the network flyout on the lock screen to match Windows 11 design principles.

The network flyout on the lock screen now conforms to Windows 11 design principles.

The network flyout on the lock screen now conforms to Windows 11 design principles.

[File Explorer]

  • We’re starting to roll out the ability to collapse and merge tabs in File Explorer. This feature is rolling out, so not all dev channel insiders will be able to see it right away.
  • Gallery in File Explorer, which started rolling out with Construction 23435is now available to all Insiders in Dev Channel.


  • It’s easy to control whether to use cellular when Wi-Fi is available but patchy, using a new toggle that’s been added to Settings > Network & Internet > Cellular.

Fixes it.

[File Explorer]

  • Fixed an issue where pressing Shift + F10 was not opening the context menu in File Explorer.
  • Fixed an issue where access keys were displayed inconsistently when pressing a button.

We fixed the following issues for Insiders previewing the Windows App SDK version of File Explorer.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing explorer.exe to crash when opening the context menu for some internals. This issue is believed to be the reason why some insiders see the old design instead of the updated one.

We fixed the following issues for Gallery Insiders in File Explorer:

  • Fixed crash of explorer.exe on final flight related to loading/interacting with scrollbar in gallery.
  • Fixed an issue where the gallery might require double-clicking a node in the navigation pane for initial load.
  • Fixed an issue where minimizing and reopening File Explorer would lose your scroll position in the gallery.
  • Hovering your mouse over images in the gallery should now display a tooltip with information about the image.
  • Live updates (including filtering) are now enabled and the refresh button is no longer required to be used manually.
  • Fixed an issue where some file types (for example, .heic) were not rendered correctly or efficiently.

We fixed the following issues for internals with the advanced details pane in File Explorer:

  • Made the background of the thumbnails a little lighter in light mode so it doesn’t stand out too much.
  • If Narrator is running when you open the details pane, it should now announce the file name.
  • If the setting to show file name extensions is enabled, it will now also appear in the details pane.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the taskbar to disconnect when switching to and from the tablet-optimized taskbar.

[Search on the Taskbar]

  • We’ve fixed an issue that caused Insiders to momentarily see an empty tooltip in certain cases, including if the new hover behavior for Search Box and Search Highlight Glam is also included if enabled.


  • Fixed an issue where Narrator with braille support was not reading numbered lists correctly in Microsoft 365 apps.

Note: Some of the fixes noted here in the Insider Preview build from the dev channel may make their way into servicing updates for released versions of Windows 11.

Known issues

[Dev Drive]

  • On reboot, additional filters beyond AV may be attached to your Dev Drive. To check which filters are connected, please run ‘fsutil devdrv query :’ in Windows PowerShell. If you are seeing more than your AV filters, you can run ‘fsutil volume dismount :’ and then ‘fsutil devdrv query :’ After these steps, you should only see your AV filters.
  • Performance may vary on different hardware. If you notice slow performance on your machine, please leave feedback!

[Search on the Taskbar]

  • [NEW] Navigating the search flyout on the taskbar with the keyboard arrow keys will not work as expected.
  • Stating users may not be able to navigate down the left side panel of the search flyout.
  • Text scaling may not work in search flyout.

[File Explorer]

  • Insiders may experience File Explorer crashes when dragging the scrollbar or trying to close a window during an extended file loading process.

Those with Gallery in File Explorer will see the following issues.

  • Thumbnail loading performance for dehydrated cloud files and memory usage in large collections are issues we’re focused on improving. For any performance related issues please get performance benchmarks in Feedback Hub. Rebuilding your indexer may help if the cloud files thumbnails are missing. Search for “Indexing Options” and look in Advanced Settings to find the rebuild tool.

Insiders will have problems with the following commands on the recommended files in File Explorer.

  • Clicking the Share command will currently bring up the Windows Share sheet (non-OneDrive).

[Taskbar & System Tray]

  • If you are using multiple desktops, the taskbar may not display the correct apps.


  • Copy button (previously introduced) to quickly copy two-factor authentication (2FA) codes into notification toasts Build 23403) is currently not working in this build. A fix is ​​coming in a future flight.

[Backup and Restore]

  • A PC backup that was configured using Restore may not appear in a subsequent restore.
  • Solid color desktop background recovery is not yet supported.

You can find the official blog post. Here.


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