Windows 11 beta builds (KB5023008) fix “F” bug, add search options for IT admins.


Sian Sen


Feb 2, 2023 13:20 EST

Inside Windows 11 Preview is written next to Virtual Laptop running Windows 11.

Today, Microsoft released 22621.1250 and 22623.1250 (KB5023008) to the beta channel for Windows 11 Insiders. The company writes in its blog post:

Hello Windows Insiders, today we are releasing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22621.1250 and Build 22623.1250 (KB5023008) to the beta channel.

  • Build 22623.1250. = New features are coming.
  • Construction 22621.1250 = new features off by default.

The new build fixes a weird “F” bug in Task Manager where the search function wouldn’t work. This build fixes several other Task Manager bugs among others. It also includes new search functions for IT admins and system admins. The full changelog is given below:

Changes and improvements to 22621.1250 and 22623.1250

[Search on the Taskbar]

Fixes in build 22623.1250

[Task Manager]

  • Typing F in the search box will now work again.

  • Fixed an issue where Narrator was not reading some text in dialogue.

  • Dragging a window using the search box area will now work (as will other areas of the title bar).

  • If you search and then press the down arrow, the keyboard focus should now move from the search box to the results.

  • Fixed an issue where terminated processes in the Details tab were not showing a confirmation dialog.

  • Increasing the text scaling should result in the “View More” button appearing without any content.

  • Fixed an issue where focus could not be properly set to search, causing Narrator not to say that focus was on the search box.

  • If you have the contrast theme enabled and select one of the rows in the process page, the row should now appear as selected.

[Search on the Taskbar]

  • Fixed an issue where the search box would randomly disappear when you clicked on it (leaving an empty space on the taskbar).

  • Fixed an issue where the search box was moving slightly to the side when you clicked.

  • If you set the taskbar to hide automatically and press the Windows key and start typing, the taskbar should not hide unexpectedly.

You can find the official blog post. Here.

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