Windows 11 22H2 patch on Tuesday is apparently causing freezing issues on AMD Ryzen PCs


Windows 11 opens in red with the Ryzen logo in the middle.

The Patch Tuesday update for November fixed a security vulnerability related to Specter variant 2 on most AMD processors. However, the next follow-up in December, the last one for 2022, apparently hasn’t been the kindest to systems with AMD CPUs. This is because some users are reporting freezing issues on their AMD Ryzen systems. This is apparently happening on Windows 11 22H2 with the KB5021255 update.

Reddit user Thomsen48 says that the freezing issue on his Ryzen 5 4600GE systems was also apparently present in November’s Patch Tuesday (KB5019980). This comment has seven upvotes (at the time of writing) which may mean others have experienced similar issues. They to write:

After installing this update on Windows 11 22H2, our clients with AMD CPUs started freezing completely at random times for minutes, then freezing again.

This issue also occurred after KB5019980, which we uninstalled. Now this update reproduces the issue. Uninstalling the new update fixed the problem again.

Unplugging/plugging the USB devices will reboot the system.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 4600GE (Lenovo M75Q Gen 2)

The same type of clients are not affected on Windows 11 21H2.

Another Redditor BabyMayCry on the same thread Note Similar issue on Ryzen 5900X where their PC would freeze for 10-20 seconds:

These CUs are causing my computer to randomly freeze and unfreeze after 10-20 seconds.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

Task manager shows system interruption at 100%
Event Viewer > Custom Views > Admin Events shows several lines of this corresponding to the time my computer froze:

An Autopilot.dll WIL error was reported.

HRESULT: 0x80070491

File: onecoreuap\admin\moderndeployment\autopilot\dll\dllmain.cpp, line 128

Message: NULL

So far Microsoft has not confirmed any issues regarding the December Patch Tuesday but this is understandable since it is the holiday season in the US and many other parts of the world.


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