Windows 10 lite gaming OS called AtlasOS strips important features like Defender, System Restore.


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Whenever a new version of Windows comes out, it usually gets heavier as more features are added. As a result, older PC owners often want a lighter version of the OS, and gamers are no exception. AtlasOS, the lite version of Windows 10, claims to offer just that. The developers note that AtlasOS removes all “bugs” that negatively affect PC gaming performance. And in the process, it reduces system latency, network latency, input lags.

Atlas is a modified version of Windows 10, which removes almost all Windows bugs that negatively affect gaming performance. Atlas is also a good option for reducing system latency, network latency, input lag and keeping your system private while focusing on performance.

However, to achieve its lightweight form, the developers of AtlasOS have had to do some significant corner-cutting. On its website, the team confirmed that it gets rid of key features like Windows Defender and System Restore Points.

Please keep in mind that Atlas is built for gaming, so many features and services that most gamers don’t need have been stripped away. When services or features are taken away, they can also cause problems with the apps or hardware you use.

Atlas offers the following services and features:

  • Windows Defender
  • Restore points and do a system reset.

It has also been confirmed by the dev team that Defender will not be added anytime soon. This came in response to a user request for a feature to keep the guard:

Won’t be adding any time soon, sorry. It has been discussed a lot.

To be fair to Atlus, Microsoft itself recommends disabling security features like VBS as it is known to affect gaming performance. However, removing anti-malware entirely is probably a little too much.

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