Windows 10 April 2023 Patch Tuesday (KB5025221) out – here’s what’s new and what’s broken


Sian Sen


Apr 11, 2023 13:18 EDT

Windows 10 Patch Tuesday

It’s the second Tuesday of the month, which means it’s Peach Tuesday again. As such, today Microsoft is releasing the monthly security update (also known as the “B release”) for Windows Server 20H2 for April 2023 and for the latest Windows 10 versions 21H1, 21H2, and 22H2. New updates are being distributed under KB5025221Bump builds to 19042.2846, 19044.2846, and 19045.2846. You can find stand-alone links to download new updates on the Microsoft Update Catalog. Here at this link.

As always, the biggest highlight of the release is the security updates for Windows 10.


This update fixes security issues for your Windows operating system.

And as is usually the case, the Redmond company has also listed known issues in the update, which always comes in handy. Here are the symptoms and their respective functions:

Symptoms work

Devices with a Windows installation created from custom offline media or a custom ISO image may have Microsoft Edge Legacy removed by this update, but not automatically replaced by the new Microsoft Edge. This issue is only encountered when creating custom offline media or ISO images by slipstreaming the update to the image without first installing a standalone servicing stack update (SSU) released on or after March 29, 2021. go

Note Devices that connect directly to Windows Update to receive updates are not affected. This includes devices that use Windows Update for Business. Any device connecting to Windows Update should always receive the latest version of SSU and the latest Cumulative Update (LCU) without any additional steps.

To avoid this issue, be sure to slipstream the SSU released on March 29, 2021 or later to a custom offline media or ISO image before slipstreaming the LCU. To do this with the shared SSU and LCU packages now used for Windows 10, version 20H2 and Windows 10, version 2004, you will need to extract the SSU from the shared package. Use the following steps to extract the SSU:

  1. Extract the taxi from MSU via this command line (for example using the package for KB5000842): Extract Windows10.0-KB5000842-x64.msu /

  2. Extract SSU from an already extracted taxi via this command line: Expand /f:*

  3. You will then have the SSU cab, as it is named in this example. Slipstream this file into your offline image first, then LCU.

If you’ve already encountered this issue by installing the OS using infected custom media, you can mitigate it by directly installing the new Microsoft Edge. If you need to deploy the new Microsoft Edge for business at scale, see Download and deploy Microsoft Edge for business.

Some older versions of Windows 10 also received updates today, which are linked below with their respective release notes (KB) as well as links to download them from Microsoft’s update catalog. have been to:

It is worth mentioning here that Windows 10 20H2 and Windows 10 1909 have reached the end of servicing. The Windows Server 2016 changelog is the same as Windows 10 version 1607.

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