Winamp Player New Features and Release Date Revealed It’s almost here



The big Winamp Player revamp, which has been in the works for a while, is finally almost here. The release date of the new app is two days away as it is launching on April 13. The announcement was made by the Winamp team via their official Twitter handle:

On the official website, there is already a brief description of what the newly modified Winamp aims to provide:

The new Winamp Player offers the best of everything, bringing together your streaming services, podcasts, radio stations, audiobooks and downloads. Enjoy all your music in one place, and customize your listening experience with the legendary Winamp Player.

As we’re now almost at launch, the Winamp team has released more details regarding the app’s features. Much of the focus seems to be on making it easy to connect with your favorite artists and creators.

  • Home of my creators Stay up to date with your favorite creators and their latest posts.
Winamp My Creators Home
  • Creator membership tiers Choose the content and experiences you want from your favorite creators.
Winamp Creator Membership Tiers
  • Creator Discography. Discover artist releases.
Winamp Creator Discography
  • Creator album Plug your ears into the albums you enjoy.
Winamp Creator Album
  • Fan Zone Home Find musicians to connect and support.
Winamp Fanzone home

Since the launch date is just two days away, we will know more about these features in detail soon.


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