Wilhelm gets new patch to fix issues on Xbox


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  • Valheim’s new patch is out now and brings new fixes and improvements to the sandbox title.
  • This mainly concerns the Xbox edition and is one of many patches that will fix issues in the console version of the game.

Iron Gate Studios has just released a new patch for Wilhelm to address bugs on the Xbox version of the game. This update is one of many that will fix issues on consoles, among other things. Keep in mind that this patch doesn’t fix all Xbox issues and a few more patches will be needed to fully fix the bug. However, it is a start, and Patch notes We’ve come out to take an in-depth look at the update.

Patch 0.215.2 has introduced many fixes and improvements to Walheim. First, backups will no longer be deleted after being restored to the game. So, you can restore the same backup as often as you want from now on. The world saves with the missing”.fwlAfter this update the files will appear in the Manage Saves menu. So, you can delete them without any hindrance going forward.

Wilhelm Patch
Wilhelm Patch notes

After that, a bug preventing restoring backups without the presence of “.fwl“Fixed in main save file. The patch also fixed an issue that caused world saves to become empty in cloud storage.oldInstead of “do not save file when”.old“file. Also, player and ship markers now display correctly above map pins on the minimap in Valheim.

Update 0.215.2 also made changes to the lighting effects in the sandbox game. From now on, lighting effects will be reduced when using.Dim the flashing lights.” setting. This applies to Eikthyr antlers, all boss spawning, guardian powers, and boss stone activation. The network compatible version now appears separately in the console and log file. Additionally, every non-PC platform is a platform prefix in text.

Some of the changes in this new Wilhelm patch are specific to consoles. Stability and efficiency of global savings have been improved to reduce the chances of save corruption. So, from now on you won’t face this issue on Microsoft Store and Xbox. Also, files corrupted due to incomplete file operations in cloud storage will be detected and no longer start as empty worlds.

Last but not least, the patch fixes a bug that incorrectly labeled cloud save timestamps. From now on, cloud saves will be displayed in local time and not UTC. These are all the changes in the new Wilhelm patch which is now available on all platforms. Iron Gate Studio’s sandbox survival game has been a trend ever since it was released in Early Access 2 years ago.

Overall, he has Over 10 million copies were sold Worldwide on Steam until April 2022, a huge win for the developer. It has also received worldwide acclaim and made its way to Xbox consoles just last month. The game is out now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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