Wild Hearts will feature cross-platform play and have 20+ monsters, Davis revealed.


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  • The WildHearts development team answered some key questions in a Q&A session held on r/WildHeartsGame.
  • He revealed that the game will have more than 20 monsters. All of them will be of large size.
  • They further stated that all new content in the game will be free as they have no plans to introduce in-game money microtransactions.
  • The game will be released on February 17.

Ahead of Wild Hearts’ mid-February launch, the game’s development team held a Q&A about the game. subreddit. The developer of the monster hunting game revealed some important details of the game along with its plans for the future.

Dev team AMA with Lewis, executive producer on Wild Hearts From Wild Hearts Game

Wildhearts dev, Lewis Harvey, answered a question about Kimono, revealing that there will be more than 20 Kimono monsters in the game on launch day. All of them will be giant size monsters whose number is likely to increase in future updates of the game.

Small animals, such as rabbits and deer, are featured in the trailers.Do not count as a kimono in this context.” The team also revealed that gamers with EA Play and GamePass Ultimate subscriptions will be able to play 10 demos/trails of the game 4 days before launch.

He also criticized the speculation that the game’s content will be monetized in the future. It includes the new kimono and all other materials. In their words, currently, they have no plans to add money transactions to the game.

Speaking about Wild Hearts’ endgame, the dev revealed that players will unlock a new quest upon completion. The quest will lead them on a journey to “investigate” the more powerful Kimono. Without spoiling too much about the endgame quest, he said that the quest will take place in a world known as “Unstable Kimono

In a response, he added that the game will have cross-platform support between Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and PC. He further revealed that the game will not have Steam Deck support. But still, they didn’t rule out the possibility of adding it to the bottom line.

Wild Hearts will be released on February 17 for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

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