Who is the Destiny 2: Nimbus voice actor? [Answered]


Nimbus is voiced by Marin M. Miller, an actress who does not identify with either gender. Non-binary characters were first introduced in the Lightfall expansion for Destiny 2. Nimbus, a member of the Cloud Striders, helps the Guardians find and protect the Veil. Pneumonia She is a pleasant character with a kind of demeanor that is not determined by gender identity.

Key takeaways

  • Nimbus is a Non-binary Cloud Strider. He is a leader and trader in the latest expansion of the game.
  • Marian M. Miller is an accomplished voice actor who has appeared in a variety of media, including video games such as Heads and television shows such as Pokemon.
  • The decision to cast Marin M. Miller as Nimbus in Destiny 2 Lightfall Great steps Towards increased representation in the sports industry.
  • They play an important role in the Lightfall campaign, guiding the player through the game and helping the Guardians to save the Veil. Callus.
  • As a result of his young age, Nimbus would assume the position of a senior member of the Cloud Striders and would be responsible for guiding any recruits joining the organization.

Who is Nimbus?

Voice Actor Destiny 2 Nimbus

Cloud Striders first appear in Destiny 2: Lightfall, a Brand new The species Nimbus belongs to this genus and is assigned the responsibility of protecting Pneumonia from harm. The smaller of the two Cloud Striders the player meets, they play an important role in the events of Lightfall.

It’s great that Nimbus, a character that doesn’t fit neatly into a man or me. female binary, included in the game. Nimbus is a merchant in the latest expansion, and he also acts as a guide as the player travels around Pneumona in search of The Vale. This means gamers will have plenty of opportunities to interact with them.

Nimbus as a non-binary character

Nimbus is significant because they are among the first non-binary characters to appear in the game’s story. This representation is important to non-binary gamers because it allows them to see themselves mirrored in a prestigious franchise.

  • This reflects Bungie’s commitment to celebrating the character’s non-binary identity.
  • Adding a non-binary character to the game is a step towards greater diversity in the game. gaming industry.
  • Choosing a non-binary actor to play the role is also an encouraging step towards diversity.
  • Nimbus’ gender identity does not affect their personality or function. light up campaign
  • This normalizes the portrayal of non-binary people within the game.

Marian M. Miller, voice actor for Nimbus

Miller’s work as a voice actor has been going on for a long time.

  • Among the plays for which he has contributed voice acting are Hades, in which he played the goddess Athena, Tsephone and Alecto.
  • Television shows where he has appeared include Pokemon, Sword Art Online, and Fate/Grand Order: The Ultimate Demon Front: Babylonia.

As Nimbus’ non-binary gender plays an important role in the game’s narrative, Casting Miller’s role was important and a positive decision. Miller is a versatile voice actor who has done significant work in the industry. They are done. Voice work For various characters, including non-binary ones like Nimbus from the Destiny 2 Lightfall DLC.

Personality and character of Nimbus

Is a member of Nimbus. the cloud Striders, A group of individuals who have been In terms of nanotechnology Revised and tasked with defending Neptune.

  • Nimbus is the first non-binary character to appear in the game’s story.
  • He is one of two Cloud Striders encountered early in the campaign.
  • They have a positive attitude, smile constantly, and crack jokes, which makes them happy.
  • Nimbus takes the player through the Lightfall campaign.
  • Due to their short lifespan of about ten years, Nimbus would become the senior member of the Cloud Striders.
  • They will be in charge of mentoring any recruits joining the organization.

Nimbus is an essential player role in the game as their job is to assist the Guardian in their search and defense mission. the curtain from the armies of the Kallas. This makes Nimbus an important part of the game’s narrative.

Final thoughts

To summarize, incl NimbusA non-binary character in Destiny 2: Lightfall was a major step towards expansion. Increased representation This shift in the gaming industry was made possible by the game’s developer, Bungie. Fans and industry experts alike have expressed their approval of Bungie’s decision to hire non-binary actress Marin M. Miller in the role of Nimbus in Destiny 2.


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