Where to get iron in roblox the survival game?


Are you wondering where to find it? iron The Survival Game in Roblox’s Survival Adventure?

in Survival game, you will immerse yourself in a medieval world with endless possibilities. You can explore the game map, build a shelter and get resources like iron, ingot, steel and bluesteel. You can use your resources to create a crafting table and craft armor, weapons and tools to help you in your fight for survival. Using your hammer you can build decorations, structures and even a house.

Where to get iron in survival game?

Unlike copper and coal, iron is a rare metal in The Survival Game. I have found iron in two places so far:

  • On a desert island, inside a cave with an Egyptian ankh symbol. The cave is like a maze, but if you keep exploring, you’ll find a large rock boulder blocking your way. Breaking the boulder will take you to a subsection of the cave with two iron ores.
  • In a cave behind two statues resembling Argonath. These are located in the middle of the green islands and are best reached by boat. Once you enter the ledge between the two statues, you will see a cave entrance to your left.

There may be a few more locations with iron ores around the map. I will add them as soon as I find them.


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