What is flexibility in Dead Island 2 [Explained]


Many players have asked what? flexibility I Dead Island 2. The simple answer is; This is a State which determines the character of the player. resistance Against basic attacks such as Fire, electricityetc

Important: Dead Island 2 has Resilience stat fix for all 6 assassins. It cannot be buffed in any way.

Key takeaways

  • Flexibility 2 in Dead Island A trait that grants assassins resistance to basic attacks.
  • Oh More value This stat will allow players to be flexible against effects such as agitated, startled, etc
  • This is an adjective. already decided For all 6 Slayers and cannot be adjusted or buffed.
  • If you want high flexibility, you’ll want to pick a role with that. high flexibility
  • The Slayers with the More than everything flexibility carla and are Ryan

What is flexibility in Dead Island 2

Flexible Dead Island 2
Character Select Screen Display All Stats | Photo by eXputer
  • flexibility Dead Island 2 has a stat that affects how much damage players take. Elemental attacks
  • These attacks include agitated, startled, And melting Effects
  • The higher the flexibility stat, the stronger the character is against these effects.
  • All playable Killer Elasticity values ​​are default.
  • Thus, players will have to pick Slayers with more. flexibility stats if they are struggling against basic attacks.

A state of resilience for all assassins

All Slayers are ranked here from best to worst, according to how resilient they are against elemental attacks.

the role flexibility
Carla 5/5
Ryan 4/5
Bruno 3/5
Mom 3/5
Dani 2/5
Jacob 1/5


Dead Island 2, released on 21-Apr-2023, is the highly anticipated sequel to the original and much-loved zombie-killing game. With next-gen enhanced graphics, an exciting coop mode, and more 6 playable characters At launch, this is one of the best games if you want to kick back, relax and have some fun with a group of friends while killing zombies.

And there you have it; With our guide to what resilience is in Dead Island 2, you’ll learn a lot more about this complex attribute and how resilient all 6 assassins are.

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