Western Digital’s MyCloud service is finally back, but its web store is still offline.


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After nearly 10 days of downtime, Western Digital (WD) has now restored its MyCloud online storage services. The cloud-based feature for its WD storage customers ended in early April, thanks in large part to a cyberattack on the company’s network.

Western Digital Mira Cloud Status

gave My Cloud Status page It just says, “Services are back online and fully operational.” of the company Support page on Twitter It doesn’t really offer any more information, just saying that its teams have “worked around the clock to resolve this outage”. This Added in a follow up post., “We understand this service disruption has been challenging, and we thank you for your patience.” It said its support team “will be available to assist you with any questions you may have.”

Of course, the big question for anyone affected by this problem is “What happened?” Early on April 3, Western Digital made an unscheduled press announcement saying that its company’s network had been penetrated by an “unauthorized party”. While it acknowledged that the party had “obtained some data from its systems,” it offered no other details, including any information about the nature of the data.

The MyCloud service was also discontinued with Western Digital’s announcement. While it has now been restored, Western Digital’s web store is still not online. The company has not released any information about the hacking of its network since April 3. Hopefully we’ll learn more about this incident, and specifically what data was stolen, sooner rather than later.


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