Western Digital MyCloud is still down, but now allows local access for user files.


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Last week, computer storage company Western Digital disclosed that its company’s network was hit by a hacker attack in late March. It was vague about the nature of the attack, but said it had “caused and may continue to disrupt” its business. Its MyCloud online storage service has also been down for about a week.

late on friday, The My Cloud status page posted an update.Stating that its online storage service may not be working, users who have files on a local storage device can now access them with a feature called Local Access. It states:

The local access feature allows you to directly access your personal files from a Windows or macOS computer that is connected to your device’s network. To enable local access, use your favorite browser and connect to your device’s dashboard. Then enable the Local Access feature and create a new Local Access account.

You can. Visit this support page. For more information about local access.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for more information about the Western Digital attack on its network, including whether or not any personal information was stolen. The company’s online store has been closed since the incident. Hopefully Western Digital will provide an update on the company’s status soon.


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