Warhammer 40K Darktide Flash Mission [Penances] 


Warhammer 40K Darktide offers players a wide variety of penances that they can choose between, including missions, offensive, and class-related penances, as well as a few more categories. Players might need assistance with how the Warhammer 40K Darktide Flash Mission will be carried out! 

Key Highlights

  • The Flash Mission is an undiscovered penance that players can encounter when they are scrolling through different penances. 
  • The penances featuring a flash mission cannot be currently carried out due to unknown reasons. 
  • Flash Mission is part of 2 penances that are present under the Missions tab in the different penance categories. 
  • The two penances will be known as Stand By For Action as well as Rapid Response
  • Unless and until an update comes out, the Penance simply stands for the show for players. 

What Is Flash Mission? 

With the different penances offered to players, the Flash Mission makes its presence known sneakily into one or two penances that players might have skimmed past without giving it too much thought. 

  • There will be a total of 2 flash mission-related penances that players will be able to encounter. 
  • The first flash mission-related penance will be known as Stand By For Action, which will entail players completing one flash mission to finish this particular mission. 
  • The second Penance, which will include the flash mission, will be known as rapid response, which will have players carry out any flash mission that they can do but ensure that they complete it on Damnation difficulty, which can take quite a while to complete. 

Now, one thing that most Warhammer players might have noticed is that the Warhammer 40K Darktide Flash Mission isn’t doable. There is no physical way to carry out the penances related to the flash mission simply because there aren’t any in the game at the moment. 

In a few Fatshark and Reddit forums, players have been discussing what the flash mission was, and players were left confused when they encountered the Penance under the mission’s tab but couldn’t figure out a way to check off the select mission. 

  • There may be an issue with the game where it might have ended up being bugged, whereby the developers simply forgot to add the Penance or the ability to carry it out. 
  • There could potentially be a future update where a “Flash Mission” might end up being added, but for the time being, these two penances are just there for the show simply because there is no way to complete them. 

Mission-Type Penances 

Mission Penances
Mission Penances (Image Credit Exputer)

Now, the two penances that we mentioned before were part of the Mission-Type penances, and alongside these two, there will be a few others that might help players who want to be a completionist and complete all of them. There will also be classes-related penances that we will talk about later. 

  • With the No Stone Unturned mission, players will need to carry out a few investigation missions, and it will have them carry out a total of 50 investigation missions, after which they will be able to be done with it. 
  • Another mission that players will be able to encounter will be known as the Raiding Party, and anytime players decide to carry it out, it will have them go out and take part in the raids that the game has to offer to them, and it will have them do a total of 50 raid missions
  • Alongside that, there will also be a Seek, Locate, Destroy mission, which will entail players going ahead and carrying out assassinations, specifically doing 50 assassination missions. 
  • The Master Of Intrigue mission will be part of the Espionage categories of missions that players need to do, which will have them take part in about 50 Espionage missions. 
  • Besides that, there will also be a Disruptive Behavior mission, which, as the name explains, will entail players carrying out 50 disruption missions.
  • The sixth mission that players might be able to encounter will be known as Strike Force, which will make players carry out 50 strike missions. 
  • Going along the list of 50-type missions, there will be a seventh mission called Omnissiah’s Hand, and whenever it is carried out, it will have players do about 50 repair missions. 

Moving on, the final half of the mission will include the following: 

  • The Auspex Drill missions will have players going around the map and searching for targets that are Auspex, and to be done with the mission, players will need to carry out scans on a total of 10 Auspex targets. 
  • The Adapt To The Environment will make players figure out how to do special condition missions since they are a bit on the more difficult end, and players will have to carry out at least one Special Condition mission to complete this one. 
  • The next one will be called the First Assignment Frame, which will be a mission within a mission, in the sense that it will have players get accomplishment by doing a total of 100 missions
  • The Interrogator mission will make players carry out a few data interrogations, and to complete the Interrogator mission, players will need to do at least 10 data interrogations that they need to complete without failing. 
  • The Flawless Interrogator will be a mission that will have players go ahead and carry out a data interrogation without any kind of incorrect auspex entry. 
  • Then we have our very own Warhammer 40K Darktide Flash Mission, which will be called the Stand By For Action, and players will need to carry out one flash mission. 
  • The Rapid Response will come directly after this since it will make players successfully carry out a flash mission on damnation difficulty. 
  • As for the final two, the Inquisiotiral Recruit will be one that will grant players a frame, and it will be given out whenever players carry out each mission type successfully on either Sedation threat or even higher. 
  • The final mission will be the Mission Improbable, which will have players complete the Raiding Party, No Stone Unturned, Disruptive Behavior, Master of Intrigue, Omnissiah’s Hand, Strike Force, as well as Seek, Locate, and Destroy missions. 

Class Related Penances 

Considering how the Warhammer 40K Darktide Flash Mission will be under the missions tab of penances, there will also be class-specific penances that players will be able to carry out, as will be listed below. 


Preacher Penances
Preacher Penances (Image Credit Exputer)

Now, when it comes to the preacher, there are going to be several penances that players will be able to carry out, such as the following: 

  • The Up Close And Personal Penance will require players to carry out a full mission during which the threat will be needed to set to malic threat or even higher without ever firing a shot. As for the reward, players will get a Pious Mendicant’s Vestment for the upper body. 
  • The Buying Time penance will have players use a stun grenade, after which they can attack an enemy sniper from over 40 meters away. If it is carried out, players can get their hands on the Anointed Mendicants Vestments for the lower body. 
  • With the Abhor The Mutant penance, players will need to be in dashing mode with their Chastice the wicked, and they will need to murder a mutant while carrying out a melee attack and will be rewarded with the Anointed Mendicants Vestments if it is done. 
  • With the Just A Flesh Wound, players must carry out a full mission of the Heresy Threat or higher, with the time limit being under 20 minutes. Apart from that, they will also need less HP remaining for more than 75% of the entire timer to gain a Saintly Mendicant’s Vestments for the upper body. 
  • As for the, There Is Nothing But The Abyss, while being on either Heresy threat at least or even higher, players need to regenerate until they reach about 75% of their overall health. The health should be gained only using the Holy Revenant Feat and will be rewarded with the Saintly Mendicant’s Vestments for the lower body. 
  • Moving onto the Shocking Stuff, if you are playing at the Malice threat or even higher, then players will need to murder about 40 opponents that have been stunned using your grenade all in the time being 10 seconds to get the Pious Mendicant’s Vestments for the lower body. 
  • The Sainted Path will make players do the Maniacal Laughter, Doomseeker; There is nothing but the abyss, Sainted Path, Praise the God Emperor, and the Just a flesh wound to get the Cowl of The Avenger
  • Using the Praise The God Emperor, players must carry out one mission of every type while being a preacher. 
  • With Maniacal Laughter, players must reach trust level 5 while in the preacher class.
  • Lastly, with the Doomseeker, 25 missions will be done while being a preacher. 


Sharpshooter Penances
Sharpshooter Penances (Image Credit Exputer)

While players who decide to play as a sharpshooter will be able to do the following penances: 

  • The first Penance is the One In The Chamber; players will need to kill five opponents, with the last round of the match being during a single mission while being on either malice threat or higher to get the Deadeye’s Duty Uniform as a reward. 
  • As for the Marked For Death, players will need to use the volley fire once and hit an opponent’s weak area at least four times using the secondary action of the weapon being wielded to get the Pistolero’s Duty Uniform. 
  • The Long Bomb players will need to carry out attacks against five opponents using the Frag Grenade without having the grenade bounce to get the Pistolero’s Duty Uniform for the upper body. 
  • With the An Overwatch, a full mission needs to be while being on malice threat or even higher, and players are not allowed to take in any melee damage from enemies to get the deadeye’s Duty Uniform for the upper body. 
  • For the fifth Penance, the Deadeye penance allows players to be on either heresy threat or even higher. While using volley fire, they will need to murder five opponents that have been highlighted while making attacks on weaker areas to be rewarded with the Killshot’s Duty Uniform for the lower body. 
  • As for the Make Every Shot Count Penance, players will need to complete a mission while being on heresy threat or even higher with zero ammo to get the upper body piece for the Killshot’s Duty Uniform.
  • With the On Target penance, players can carry out the I love the Militarum, Long Bomb, Vantage Point, Marked For Death, and Through the mud. 
  • Using the Through the Mud penance, players need to do 25 missions while being a sharpshooter. 
  • As for the I Love the Militarum, players need to get to trust level 5 while being from the sharpshooter class. 
  • For the Vantage Pointone mission of every task needs to be done. 


Skullbreaker Penances
Skullbreaker Penances (Image Credit Exputer)

Moving onto the skull breaker penances, the following will be ones that players can carry out: 

  • With Something In Your Eye, players can murder a corrupter enemy by attacking its eyes using the grenade box to get the Brute’s Big Armor for the upper body. 
  • As for the, I’m in Charge penance; players will need to use the bull rush to get in between a plague Ogryn that is carrying out a charge against you to get the Brute’s big Armor for the lower body. 
  • With Gone Bowling, players will need to cause knockdown to at least 70 opponents using just one bull rush while being on either malice threat or more to get the Brute’s Biggest and Bestest Armor’s upper body piece. 
  • With the heavyweight Champion penance, players will need to cause knockdown to at least six Ogryns that are considered opponents using a single bull rush while being on either heresy threat or at a higher difficulty to get rewarded with the Brute’s Bootiful Armor’s upper body piece. 
  • For the Don’t Stop Me Now Penance, players need to move at least 40 meters using the bull rush while being under a 20-second timer and, at the heresy, a threat to get the lower body piece for the Brute’s Bootiful Armor. 
  • As for the Friends Will Be Friends, players must be in coherency with allies who are alive no matter what while being on a full mission on malice threat or even greater difficulty to get your hands on the Brute’s biggest and best Armor’s lower body piece. 
  • With the Bone’ Ead penance, players will need to carry out the Beat Em Up, and I’m in charge, Something in Your Eye, Got a Bone To Pick, and the built-like tank penances. 
  • The Beam Em Up penance allows players to be skull-breaker and carry out at least one mission of every type. 
  • With the Got A bone To Pick, players need to each trust level 5 while being from the skull breaker class. 
  • With the Built Like A Tank, players must complete at least 25 missions while being skull-breakers. 


Psykinetic Penances
Psykinetic Penances (Image Credit Exputer)

Last but not least, we have the psykinetic class with their penances that will be from the following: 

  • With the Malleus Monstronum, players will need to be on heresy threat on higher and will need to carry out attacks that would kill an opponent after bringing down 90% of its overall HP while using your Brain Burst. 
  • As for the Warp Battery, players will need to consistently maintain as many warp charges as possible while being in one session for at least 300 seconds while being at malice threat or even more. 
  • With the Pick n Mix penance, players will need to take control of their brain burst to kill out at least 5 elite type or specialist type opponents within a timer of 12 seconds, and players will also need to be heresy threats or more. 
  • Using the Kinetic Killer penance, players will need to get done with the Lifeleech, Mind over matter, not even close, and more penances. 
  • Using the Going out with a bang, if players happen to be on at least malice threat or higher, they will need to murder a total of 3 opponents that are ranked as elite using their Perils of the Warp. 
  • With the Lifeleech penance, players must carry out 25 missions while belonging to the psykinetic class. 
  • Using the Not Even Close Penance, players need to murder a pox hound using their brain burst. 
  • With the first mind over matter penance, players will need to get to trust level 5 while being a psykinetic 
  • With the second Mind Over Matter penance, players can carry out one mission of every type. 
  • Lastly, with Cliffhanger in hand, players need to murder out seven opponents within 2 seconds by pushing them off an edge. 


And there we have it! All that players need to know about the flash mission penance and related penances to it, and with that, we will wrap up our Warhammer 40K Darktide Flash Mission guide! If you are just starting in the game, then our Warhammer 40K Darktide Walkthrough will showcase all guides that will help you jump into the game!

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