Waluigi had his own Princess Peach, but the Mario creator rejected the idea.


  • According to Mario Tennis Director, Waluigi and Wario had their own Princess Peach.
  • Shogo Takahashi stated that he had begun developing the idea but was vetoed by Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto.
  • He thought it was too similar to Doronjo from the Yatterman anime and therefore didn’t like it.

Gaming today has countless franchises that are popular worldwide and have left their mark on other forms of entertainment. But back then it wasn’t like that. The 80s When games were just fun 2D arcade titles.

What really started this trend of great video game franchises was the 1985s. Super Mario Bros From Nintendo

Since then, Mario has become a staple of pop culture along with other characters from the game series. Luigi, WarioAnd Valyogi. One thing everyone knows is that you can’t have a successful franchise without a strong female lead Princess Peach In Mario

As it turns out, Waluigi almost had his patch counterpart before the creator. Shigeru Miyamoto rejected the idea. Nintendo Dream Web Interviewed Shogo Takahashi Last year (thanks GSK), and in this interview, the director of Mario Tenniswhich was Waluigi’s first appearance, provided interesting information.

According to the interview, the vice president of Camelot Software Mario came up with an interesting idea for tennis. While working on the game, Nintendo and series creator Shigeru Miyamoto were open to different ideas. The director’s idea was to give Waluigi and Wario their own princess patch, which was “Warpatch

We’re not sure if the name stuck or if “Valve patch“Would have been chosen. But, the idea never saw the light of day because Mario creator Miyamoto didn’t immediately approve of it. Takahashi said this while talking about it in an interview.

I knew that if I made something good, Nintendo would approve it, so I wanted to use a new character in my next work. I started another project with the graphic leader, ‘Let’s try to make Warpatch next.’

At this stage of throwing ideas on the board, Shogo Takahashi thought his design would be accepted. Nintendo Super Mario wanted a new and fresh take on the franchise, and this was one. But, Miyamoto didn’t see it that way and explained his unique reason.

He rejected the idea before Takahashi pulled it off and began working on the traits. Miyamoto said Warpatch will be like thatDoronjo” Anyway, and he didn’t want to see it. Speaking about this meeting with the creator of Super Mario, Shogo Takahashi said:

Tried drawing it for the time being, but Mr. (Shigeru) Miyamoto thought, ‘Even if you don’t see it, it’s still like Doronjo.’ It seemed like I was gone before I could even show it (laughs).

If you’re wondering who Doronjo is, he’s a character. Yatterman anime series she is the main antagonist of the titular Yatterman gang and their archnemesis. Therefore, Shigeru Miyamoto probably thought that Warpatch’s character was very similar to Doronjo.

Takahashi doesn’t think his creation will turn into Doronjo. However, Miyamoto worried that it wasn’t original enough, and it was curtains for Wario and Waluigi’s patch. If we’re lucky, maybe one day we’ll see Takahashi’s sketch on the Internet.

Doronjo Mario
Doronjo from the Yatterman anime

He also gave us some more interesting information about Waluigi and how his hat design changed. Actually it wasn’t going to be one. Reverse Lbut Yuchi Kotabe made it so. However, the most interesting information from this is the temporary existence of Warpatch.

It looks like Warpatch will be something lost in Super Mario history. Although Shogo Takahashi insists that his design was not the same as Doronjo, we have no evidence to back this up. Hopefully, we’ll see this character design somewhere one day.

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