Vodafone UK broadband customers facing outages


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There are Vodafone customers in the UK. Currently testing Broadband outages have been critical enough for the company to top Down Detector’s list of companies experiencing outages. Reports started coming in at 8:00am BST and peaked after 9:30am At the time of writing, after 11am, levels of people experiencing problems are still high.

The company’s customer support staff reported via Twitter that it was investigating the broadband connection issue. Vodafone said it was working to restore the service “as soon as possible”, but it was too late for those whose working day had already been disrupted.

According to BBC News, Vodafone is one of a number of broadband providers to have massively increased mid-contract prices, with some seeing bills rise by 15%. With inflation rising, people are looking at the minimum wage. Significant increase As of April, those earning more than the minimum wage in their paychecks will also likely receive increased pay. To accommodate these increases, Vodafone is passing costs on to customers.

If you’re experiencing broadband issues and need to work from home, the next best option is to whip out your smartphone and turn on tethering. You can then connect to the Internet on your computer through your mobile data connection.


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