VLC adds support for NVIDIA RTX video super-resolution so you can enhance your home videos


VLV NVIDIA RTX Super Resolution

Today, NVIDIA announced the new GeForce RTX 4070 graphics cards. However, that’s not all the graphics chip maker revealed today. It also announced an expansion of its recently launched RTX video super-resolution technology, which was first revealed at CES 2023 in January and finally launched as a GeForce driver update in February.

Previously, owners of NVIDIA GeForce Series 30 and 40 cards could use RTX Video Super Resolution technology to upscale 1080p videos from streaming services like YouTube, Twitch, Netflix and more through Google’s Chrome browser or Microsoft Edge. . today, The company announced that RTX Video Super Resolution Now available for the popular VLC media player.

NVIDIA says the new VLC version will allow people to upscale offline videos from their personal video library. You can make that old 1080p video of your kid’s birthday party look much better with this new feature. You can download. New VLC 3.0.19 RTX Beta Now from the official website of the media player.

In related news, NVIDIA has revealed that it is working with YouTube and OBS to allow live streamers to use AV1 encoded video. This will allow streamers to go live in 4K and 60fps if their PCs have a GeForce RTX 40 Series GPU. It is currently available in beta in OBS 29.1, and will be fully released for OBS and YouTube in the near future.


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