Visual Studio 2022 17.5 Preview 2 Adds Sticky Scroll to Increase Productivity


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Microsoft What is the announcement? That Visual Studio 2022 17.5 Preview 2 adds Sticky Scroll functionality to help improve user productivity. Sticky Scroll reminds you what code you’re editing by pinning the relevant headers above the scroll view. This feature is not on by default but you can turn it on by going to it. tools > authorities > The text The editor > General > Sticky scroll and toggling “Show nested current scopes while scrolling at the top of the editor.“Option.

Sticky Scroll is currently a little limited in terms of the languages ​​it supports, but it will work when editing code written in C#, C++, XAML, and JSON. Microsoft said it will continue to improve the feature so that it can add sticky scroll support for languages ​​in the future.

The sticky scroll feature will place namespaces, classes, and methods at the top of the editor as you scroll through the code. The sticky scroll section grows and shrinks as the applicable header is passed. This will help you identify which part of the code you’re editing without having to scroll and look again, saving you time.

If you don’t like too much content stuck at the top of the editor, you can limit the number of lines from the same place you’ve enabled it. Just type the number of lines you’d like next to the “Specify the maximum number of sticky lines to display:“And press on Okay fine. To get started with the feature, download the latest. Visual Studio 2022 Preview.


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