Valve launches Steam Replay to wrap up your gaming habits from 2022.


With 2022 coming to a close, PC gaming store Steam is also getting in on the recapping action that’s popular with other services like music. Valve today unveiled Steam Replay, a brand new feature for Steam users that shows exactly how they spent their time gaming over the course of the year.

“Whether it was your best year yet or one you’ll soon forget, gaming was (hopefully!) a reliably fun escape,” the company said in its announcement. I said. Blog post. “From your top games this year, to how and when you spent your most playing time, Steam Replay summarizes your time on Steam in 2022.”

Steam Replay 2022

After logging into Steam account, Steam Replay Page Shows the different sections in which you have rated the games played in 2022. To name a few, these include “play time” and “sessions played” statistics for your most active games, play time by month, keyboard and mouse vs. controller usage, daily play totals Long streaks from, and comparisons of your habits to the rest of the steam included. Community.

Those who use VR or Steam Deck devices even get special segments in the recap. Keep in mind that offline play session hours are not tracked by Steam, which may specifically affect Steam deck data.

Valve is offering two ways to share your personal Steam Replay Wrap-Up. One way is to set your page’s visibility to public or friends only before sharing the link, instead of the default private setting. It’s also possible to save a condensed image showing your biggest games to share on social media.


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