Unveiled the new “Exodus SDK” engine for fans to create new Metro Exodus content


Highlights of the story

  • 4A Games has released the Exodus SDK for Metro modding..
  • The studio says that Russia’s invasion has already changed the future of the series’ story.
  • Modders may not use it for commercial purposes, share it behind a paywall, or sell anything made from it..

According to Metro Exodus creator 4A Games, the Exodus SDK, a software development kit for Metro Exodus and Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, has been released.

Players who own a copy of any version of Metro Exodus can currently download the Exodus SDK from the Steam, Epic, and GoG shops. This is a complete engine kit used to build Metro Exodus, not just a modification tool.

Although close to domestic conflict, Ukrainian game company 4A Games continues to work diligently on the Metro series. Studio Report Published today.

The lives of the teams that were on the front lines of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have been detailed in a lengthy blog post for fans around the world. It’s encouraging to hear from the Metro Exodus development team, but it’s clear that the conflict negatively affects their work and daily lives in a number of dire ways.

4A Games Studio
4A Games Studio

The blog post says,

Everyone is affected. Some of us have lost our homes in bombings. Some have joined the armed forces to defend Ukraine. Colleagues, friends and family have been injured. Many have lost their lives. However, Ukraine still lacks one thing – these are our heroes: those who protect our country, those who help them, and those who continue our projects against all odds. Work with passion and intense dedication and support the economy of the country.”

The next entry in the Metro series will change a lot due to the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The studio also assures fans that they are still hard at work on their projects.

Scene Editor, Model Editor, Particle Mode, Terrain Tool, Weather Editor, Camera Track Editor, and Visual Script are all included in the Exodus SDK.

This means you can do anything you want without writing a single byte of code, including adding and modifying any type of object in the game, creating models and textures, adjusting the weather, etc. Doing, or even changing the functionality of the AI.

Players can also experiment with and analyze fake levels and tutorials using Game Studio’s real development tools.

Scene editor
A glimpse of the scene editor

It goes without saying that this type of giveaway is subject to customary restrictions, such as not being allowed to use anything created with the Exodus SDK for profit, share it behind a paywall, or sell it.

“We’re not looking to get into the engine licensing business, this is purely something for the community, and we hope to inspire you to build some really wild stuff.”

The studio has given this gift to its users. Along with that, they patiently await their upcoming projects, which include a new Metro game, a multiplayer experience in the Metro universe, and a completely new IP, like Metro’s 10th 2 years ago. It was revealed on the anniversary.

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