Ultrakill is a level above Doom. Here’s why


The first-person shooter genre is full of franchises that are trying to re-engage players by introducing gameplay aspects and mechanics that other games don’t offer.

Of course, after more than 2 decades of high quality games, there are many games that adopted an idea first, and others followed suit inspired by their success. The biggest example of these is DOOM.

DOOM is widely considered the most important FPS title of all time and one of the oldest at that. Amazing titles spanning the years, awesome movies, and a community as big as any other.

But with a franchise this big, there will be games that it’s got, and pretty soon, we’ll have a game. excellence All expectations, and it will become the next cornerstone in the fps genre.

Well, after the original DOOM trilogy came and went, it spawned a plethora of new franchises following in its footsteps. Some took new approaches using 2D platforming systems, while others continued with the same drive as the original games, and one title launched itself straight into DOOM SLAYER.

4 years ago, a user named The story uploaded a short video that showed off a game so early in development that it was probably a gig project it had the guts to get started. There’s no doubt that the video was unforgettable, but it will ignite a flame that won’t be extinguished anytime soon.

Ultrakill is an absolute blast to kill demons, wield weapons, and have a story so simple that even a toddler can understand it, but really, No child should play this game.. Humanity has been murdered; You need fuel, blood is fuel, and hell is fuel. This is the basic gist of it.

But why is an indie game built by one person on top of a franchise that spawned so many new games and so many new media sources? Well, it’s best to break the various categories into pieces and then decide which one dominates.

Story and story

To me, a good story is the most important aspect of any game. Sure, the gameplay and combat are important, but there’s a memorable story that people usually miss.

Take God of War as an example. Of course, the gameplay was an absolute spectacle, and the weapons were flexible and unique; What people think of whenever they talk about a game is almost always its memento and some kind of story.

All these years the story that Doom had was something that made people too afraid to touch it. sensitive nature, but when the game came out, people praised it wholeheartedly.

Of course, the story in the original trilogy was very modest, with the main stories starting in DOOM 2016 and Eternal, where the demonic invasion is well underway, and we slay the beasts as ungodly as they come.

Aside from Doomslayer, there aren’t many other main characters in the game, aside from Samuel Hayden and a few others that are hard to mention. The story is very linear for such a grand game, so it definitely sticks on its face. Also, the pace of his story was quite variable at times.

But there are many meanings and terms associated with the characters in Ultrakill’s narrative. From the corrupted angels and from the tearing of the layers of hellit is definitely impressive.

Humanity is dead in this game. The only living beings are demons and angels. But the essence of humanity lives in the machines they once built. Here, we come to V2, the protagonist.

V2 is a quest character. Internal coding seems to be his only drive. Drink blood and destroy hell, and well, so far, he’s been pretty successful.

Along the journey to Hell, he fights against archangels such as Gabriel and his own machine brothers, the V1. The story revolves around the Archangel Gabriel and his realization of the lies of the Angel Council.

I won’t spoil much of the story, but it’s extremely enjoyable and surprising. This category definitely goes to Ultrakill for having a straightforward story with barely a handful of characters, but the sheer reach of the story is what gives it its full glamour.

Gameplay and combat

Now a good story makes a game memorable, but when there are no cutscenes, what’s left of any game is its gameplay. And, dare I say it, both of these games have some explosive gameplay.

Now, this may seem like a very controversial move, but this point only leads to Ultrakill as the game forces innovation. Not to say that DOOM is a Mindless shooterbut in some aspects, it actually is simple.

Eternal has a simple formula, each enemy in the game has a specific weakness and a specific weapon that is most effective against them.

The game also gets repetitive quickly. While the influx of new weapons is pretty consistent, more weapons doesn’t mean a more dynamic gameplay experience.

If players use the same weapon for the majority of the game, why create others that require more skill or a more specific playstyle? It forces players to come out of their comfort zone, which many players would never do.

Now Ultrakill, on the other hand, has a very open minded game when it comes to its weapons. The first thing to add is that you can’t carry all of your weapon types. You can take just one or none.

Of the handful of weapons in the game, the Ultrakill certainly doesn’t succeed when it comes to its overall weapon variety, but that’s not the edge of its gameplay. It gets a lot more interesting.

Where Ultrakill shines is how the weapons and game mechanics interact with each other. For starters, a type of pistol allows you to toss a coin and shoot at it to deal heavy damage to an enemy, no matter where they are.

Now would you believe that different weapons can actually reflect this coin? Take Railgun for example. You can be quite literal. Throw 4 coins in the air, fire a shot from the railgun, and blast the enemy out of existence. And this is the easiest technology for him.

The game also has a parry mechanic, which in addition to parrying other enemy projectiles, can heal your shots from your shotgun as you fire it to make the shot more powerful. You can also charge your shotgun to the point where it explodes in front of you, launching you far, far away. A true miracle in speed.

This part is subjective to each player. Maybe someone likes to play as an incognito and absolutely kill every monster in their path, and maybe someone wants to be more on par with their enemies, but for my money, Ultrakill won this round, albeit just barely.

Graphics and level design

Whenever I review a particular game or compare two of them, I keep it completely unbiased and only use facts, and levels, to further prove my points. With stunning detail on environments, enemies, and extreme graphical fidelity, the new DOOM games are definitely tops by a mile.

Every level, every structure, and every weapon looks like this. Carefully detailed and extremely satisfying. The game jumps into its entire design philosophy by making the game face the true identity of Hell and the doom of those who enter it in its face.

The level design is also fantastic. A game where you jump around a lot requires open spaces where the player can be in control, which is definitely something the team behind the level design had in mind all along.

Ultrakill lacks all of these. The levels are very unpredictable and tight, and there are some. extremely The overall setting is amazing for each forgettable stage, but the actual combat execution is pretty poor.

Whatever the competition, DOOM ETERNAL definitely takes the cake when it comes to its stunning design and overall graphical prowess.


Ultrakill and Doom are both in the same category, and while many people will enjoy one title over the other, I personally believe that a single person working on Ultrakill for over 4 years would What it has achieved is something that many other games in the genre won’t even come close to. To

These titles are commendable, One went to encourage, and one went to receive. Only time will tell what new and improved titles we’ll see in the future, but until then, these two franchises will reign supreme.

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