Ultimate Guide To Fix Valorant Error Code 5


Valorant Error Code 5 usually occurs when the game cannot connect to the Valorant servers. This can happen for many reasons, including network problems, server maintenance, or interference from third-party applications. This error can also happen if another device is logged into your account.

This error is different from the Platform Error. Many users tend to mix them up since both involve potential network issues or issues with Riot servers. Even though the solutions from them are similar, the root cause for these errors is different

Key Takeaways

  • You’ll encounter Valorant error code 5 when the game is unable to connect to the Valorant servers when queuing for a multiplayer match.
  • This error is primarily caused by networking issues
  • Try these steps to Fix Valorant Error Code 5: 
    • Your first course of action should be checking the announcements for Valorant, and its server status. 
    • Next, troubleshoot your network to ensure it’s not causing the error. 
    • When that does not work, terminating all unnecessary tasks might be the way to go. You can either do it manually through the task manager, or by performing a clean boot. 
    • The next course of action would be reinstalling the Vanguard, as corrupt Vanguard game files might cause your game to malfunction. 
    • Flushing your DNS is also a possible fix since incorrect DNS information is a quite common cause of this error. 
    • If all that does not work, you might have to apply all possible Windows-based solutions. 
    • Your last straw would be contacting the Valorant Support staff by submitting a complaint. 
    • You can prevent this error from ever happening again by following simple guidelines like keeping up with Valorant news. 
    • You should also try optimizing your game settings and making sure you have a stable internet connection. 

There are multiple ways to fix this problem. The question of which one works depends on your specific situation. So, we would recommend going through every single one of our verified and carefully drafted solutions, to find out which one works for you. 

Check Valorant Server Status

Oftentimes, players will try to troubleshoot this issue on their own and implement every possible fix they can find on the internet. This approach is timeconsuming and extremely frustrating if the issue is not on your end. Hence, we would recommend that the first thing you do is check if there is a general outage for Valorant. 

Server breaks are quite common in Valorant. It happens every couple of weeks, generally. So, it is highly probable that the issue lies on Valorant’s end. Simply click on this link, and select which server you play in. A message for an outage will be displayed, if there is any. 

How to Check Valorant Server Status
Valorant Server Status

Check The Riot Games Support Page

Even where Valorant servers are up and running, there can still be general outages. Instead of wasting your time going through complicated solutions, check the support page for Valorant. Any general outages for the game will be listed there, so you would know that you are not alone. 

How to go to the Support Page for Valorant
Support page – Valorant

Resolve Any Network Issues

After all, this error is caused due to network issues. So one of the first courses of action would be to make sure that your network is not interfering with the game’s capability to run. There are multiple things you need to do to make sure network issues are not the problem. 

Update Your Network Drivers

It is not uncommon for your network drivers being the root cause of this error. Updating them is quite simple, so just follow the steps listed below. 

  1. Press Win, and search for Devise Manager
  2. Now that you are in the Devise Manager, navigate to Network Adapters
  3. Click on Network Adapter to show all the Network Adapters you have.
  4. Right-click on every single one, and update them. 
  5. Press Search Automatically for Drivers when asked.
    How to Update Network Drivers to resolve Valorant Error Code 5
    Update Network Drivers

Reset Your Router

Sometimes your system would be working properly, but the issue might reside in your modem or router. An unstable internet connection might cause Valorant to malfunction, so it is important to make sure that a faulty internet connection is not an issue. 

To restart your modem or router, simply plug it out, and wait for a minute or two. Once the waiting period has passed, simply try accessing Valorant again. If the issue still persists, contact your Internet Service Provider to make sure the issue is not at their end. 

Disable VPN

Sometimes having a VPN/proxy can cause Valorant to malfunction. Disabling the VPN is a possible fix for this error, especially because it originates from networking issues. 

Once disabled, launch the game again and see if the error persists. If the error is gone, we would suggest using a different VPN than the one you are using currently. 

Log Out Everywhere

This error is most commonly caused when there is already a device that is logged into your account. Another possible case is that you were hacked, and the error code 5 will not indicate that. You can either manually verify this, or you can follow the steps listed below. 

  1. Click this link. 
  2. After logging in, go to Login Management.
  3. You will see an option to Log out everywhere. Click that.
  4. When prompted select Confirm.
  5. If the process was successful, you will be greeted with the following message.
    How to log out of Riot Games
    Log out of Riot Games
  6. Relaunch Valorant, and log in. 

Hopefully, the error would be gone, but if it still persists, go to the next solution. 

Close Unnecessary Applications 

Valorant is a heavy game, for any PC. Having numerous programs running in the background could be the reason Valorant is malfunctioning. So, it is important to close all of them before launching Valorant.

Use the Task Manager

You can use Task Manager to end all wanted programs manually. It is not hard at all but might take a little bit of time. Follow the simple steps below to do so.

  1. Press Win, and search for Task Manager.
  2. Depending on your use, you might be greeted with full options, or limited. If you see the following screen, skip this step, else click on More Details.
    The Task Manager
    Skip this step if your screen looks like this
  3. Once you have selected More Details, your screen should look like the image above. 
  4. Now, go to every unnecessary program, and click End Task.
    How to End tasks from Task Manager to rectify the Valorant Error Code 5
    End tasks from Task Manager
  5. Repeat for every unnecessary application. 

Once all these steps have been completed, relaunch Valorant and check if the error still persists. 

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Perform a Clean Boot

If you do not want to end all the running programs manually, there is a much simpler way to do so. You can perform a clean boot, which effectively ends all running programs. 

  1. Press Win+R to open the Run Application. 
  2. After that type in msconfig and press OK.
  3. After doing so, a window will open. Press the services tab followed by checking the box for hiding all Microsoft services.
    How End all tasks by using Run
    End all tasks – Run
  4. Next, click on the Disable All option, and press OK.
    Disable all
    Press OK
  5. Close this window. 
  6. Press Win, and search for Task Manager
  7. Go to Startup, and disable all apps that are enabled.
    Fix Valorant Error code 5 by disabling all startup programs
    Disable all Startup programs
  8. Restart your PC. 

After noticing a much faster boot-up, launch Valorant again and check if the error is still there. If it is, move on to the next solution. 

Reinstall Vanguard 

There are many cases in which Vanguard game files are corrupted, which leads to the Valorant Error Code 5. To solve this, you must reinstall Vanguard. 

  1. Press Win, and search for Control Panel
  2. After opening the Control Panel, search for Programs and Features.
    How to open Programs and features - Control Panel
    Programs and features – Control Panel
  3. After doing so, navigate to Riot Vanguard, and right-click on it. Press Uninstall
  4. Now launch Valorant again. The Vanguard will be installed automatically upon launching the game. 

If all else fails, we are positive this solution will work. 

Flush DNS

Flushing your DNS can be an efficient way of fixing this error. Whenever you play Valorant, your PC stores DNS information in a cache. This in turn speeds up the loading time in the future. However, sometimes this cache becomes corrupt, which leads to connectivity issues, which is the root cause of Valorant Error Code 5. 

Flushing DNS might seem a bit complicated, but with just a few simple steps, you can do it. 

  1. Press Win, and search for cmd.
  2. Click Run as Administrator when you open the Command Prompt. 
  3. Upon opening it, type in ipconfig /flushdns.
  4. After writing this command, you should see a confirmation message.
    Fix the annoying Valorant Error Code 5 by flushing your DNS
    Flush DNS
  5. Close the command prompt. 

Now try accessing Valorant again. We hope this solution worked out for you. 

Apply Windows-Based Solutions

Many times your PC settings are not optimized for gaming. Sometimes the settings you have enabled cause compatibility and performance-based issues when you are gaming, so it is important to have the correct settings.

Read this article to gain a comprehensive oversight on how to alter your Windows settings for the best gaming experience. After applying these changes, you will feel a huge difference in performance and user experience. 

Submit a Complaint Ticket to Valorant

The worst-case scenario is that you are still stuck with this error. At this point, your best bet would be to contact Valorant support. Lucky for you, Riot Games gives an option for complaint tickets for all its users. 

  1. Click on this website. 
  2. Click on the Submit a Ticket option.
    How to Submit a tikcet- Valorant
    Submit a ticket- Valorant
  3. Choose Technical Issues: Install, patch, lag, or crash.
  4. Wait to hear back from the experts.

This is the last straw. We hope this solution worked out for you. Although we are positive that if you followed all the solutions before this properly, your game would be running. 

How To Prevent Valorant Error Code 5 From Happening?

Now that you have figured out how to get your game up and running, you should know all the ways to prevent this from ever happening in the future. There are a few simple precautions that you can take to prevent this from happening again. 

Optimize Your Game Settings

Valorant has been around for quite some time now, but it is still been riddled with bugs and glitches. With every passing update, the game got better features, but the chance for error increased. Hence, it is very important to play the game with the right settings before jumping into a match. 

We have created an ultimate guide that optimizes game settings for Valorant. Aside from fixing this issue, you will notice a much better gaming experience. 

Do Not Log In From Multiple Devises

As a general rule of thumb, we would recommend not accessing your account from multiple devices. Be it your friend’s devices, or any other. It can lead to this error, and you would waste your time wondering what went wrong. 

Make Sure to Have a Stable Internet Connection

Having a secure and stable internet connection is extremely important, especially for playing a data-intensive game like Valorant. Having an active internet connection is not enough, you need to have an internet connection that meets the minimum requirements. 

The internet speed recommended by users is around 50mbp/s, but you can make do with 25mbp/s. You can check your internet speed by clicking this link. 

Keep Up With Valorant News

Keeping up with Riot Games News can help you prevent this sort of error. They make announcements before any sort of maintenance break. This could save you a lot of hassle. 

Did We Help Solve the Valorant Error Code 5?

We are aware of how frustrating and annoying this error code is, hence we have exhausted every possible way to fix this error, and we are extremely positive that we helped you solve it. In several cases, verifying your game files can also resolve this issue. 

After solving this error, we would recommend going through Valorant Tier List: All Agents Ranked and Valorant Guns Tier List to become unbeatable in the game. Also, discover the Best Valorant Crosshairs by going through our article.


What is the Valorant TPM 2.0 Error?

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Can an unstable internet connection cause this error?

Yes, it is very plausible that a faulty internet connection is the root cause of this particular error.

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