Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Linux Mint 19.x users should upgrade as support ends this April


For any Ubuntu or Linux Mint users still running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or Linux Mint 19.x, now is the time to start upgrading to the new version. This warning also goes out to users of other Ubuntu 18.04 LTS-based distributions, of which there are many. Fortunately, if your system runs Ubuntu 18.04 or distros based on this release, your system should also handle Ubuntu 22.04 LTS just fine and you’ll get the new packages.

The new Ubuntu logo

For users of other Linux operating systems like Linux Mint, either do a clean install (probably the best idea) or find the upgrade documentation from the project’s website. If you’re on Ubuntu, updating is pretty easy, just back up any documents you can’t afford to lose, then open Software Updater, the program should tell you there’s a new version. Upgrades are available for You may have to upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS first and then to 22.04 LTS, if you only want to upgrade one, you can stay on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS until April 2025.

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is currently the latest long-term support version and a new version won’t arrive until 2024, by which time Ubuntu 18.04 LTS will have expired so waiting isn’t really an option. If you move to Ubuntu 22.04, you will continue to receive updates for five years after release, so until 2027.

For businesses out there that can’t upgrade systems for whatever reason, an Ubuntu Pro subscription enables you to turn on extended security maintenance. You will pay for Ubuntu Pro but by doing so you can extend the life of Ubuntu 18.04 for another five years, although, you will only get security updates. To learn more about ESM, see Canonical’s Blog post.


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