Twitter’s suicide prevention feature has been restored hours after it disappeared


Elon Musk with the Twitter logo

Hours after Reuters reported that Twitter Inc. had removed suicide prevention hotlines from its service, we now know that the feature has been reinstated. Earlier, in an email to the publication, Ella Irwin, an attorney for the Twitter trust, confirmed this. Temporarily remove the feature.

Better known as #ThereIsHelp, the feature provides links above specific searches for help related to mental health, HIV, vaccines, child sexual abuse, gender-based violence, and other issues.

Reuters reported earlier on Friday that the feature had been removed following an order from Elon Musk. However, Musk himself denied this news. “False, it still exists,” he wrote in response to one line on Twitter. Also, amid criticism from many users, he tweeted “Twitter doesn’t prevent suicide.” Earlier, users also voted for Musk to step down as CEO of Twitter Inc.

Some users came out in support of Musk and blamed the journalist and him. Publication To mislead Twitter users. A user also shared a screenshot of the suicide helpline service and said it was working fine.

Suicide Helpline

Earlier, Musk ordered the disbandment of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council, which was set up to deal with hate speech, self-harm, suicide, child exploitation and other related issues.

Source: Reuters


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