Twitter workers beg for toilet paper, complain about office odor


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Ever since business mogul Elon Musk took back microblogging platform Twitter in October last year, he has taken a number of cost-cutting measures to save the company. However, these measures have some unexpected consequences for employees: a smelly office.

The janitor at Twitter’s headquarters Was on strike about a month ago. After failing to negotiate a new contract with Elon Musk’s company Flagship, the janitorial company that hired him. The company doesn’t seem to have picked a new company yet, as per Business Insider, At the company’s New York City office, foul odors from dirty bathrooms and various clogged toilets permeate the company’s hallways and workplaces..

Access to toilet paper is also rare, according to two people familiar with the situation. One employee in the New York office reportedly even said that the lack of basic office necessities like toilet paper was “just bad” and significantly affected the company’s already low morale. Another staffer also said that if Twitter didn’t provide toilet paper, they would be forced to bring their own. As did those in the San Francisco office..

As the situation worsened, some employees aired their concerns via Slack and email, asking someone to do something about the unpleasant situation. According to Business Insider, no one has yet received a response.

Twitter employees are currently required by Musk to report to the office five days a week.

In addition to the smelly bathroom situation, Twitter is also reportedly suffering from a lack of IT support team. The majority of employees who would help their colleagues with IT issues were fired, or resigned. To fix the problems, Twitter employees are now asking for help on one of the remaining public channels on Slack, hoping someone in leadership will take notice and take action.

Source: Business Insider


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