Twitter says you can’t link to competing social media platforms, and if you do, you’ll face suspension.


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Twitter has announced a new policy. which prohibits tweeting of links to banned social networks. You are also not allowed to tweet your username or put a link in your Twitter bio for rival platforms. Violation of this policy may result in the deletion of offending tweets, a temporary suspension, or even permanent suspension for repeat violators.

You are allowed to share links to non-banned platforms and Twitter has outlined a specific list of “banned platforms” to make things clear to users. The list includes Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Truth Social, Tribal, Post and Noster. The company also decided to ban and links because they usually contain links to people’s other online accounts.

“Twitter is where the public conversation is happening, and where people from all over the world come to promote their businesses, art, ideas and more,” said Twitter. “We know that many of our users may be active on other social media platforms. However, going forward, Twitter will no longer allow free advertising for certain social media platforms on Twitter.

Any Twitter accounts set up specifically to promote a banned platform will be removed. For publishers cross-posting on different platforms, Twitter says it will continue to be allowed. If you plan to continue using Twitter and have any prohibited platforms linked to your profile, be sure to remove them so you don’t get approved.


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