Twitter now allows its Blue subscribers to post tweets of up to 10,000 characters.


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Twitter has announced that it is giving Twitter Blue users the ability to post tweets of up to 10,000 characters and apply bold or italic text formatting. In addition to these features, users can enable subscriptions on their account to earn revenue on Twitter. To apply for this, users need to tap Monetization In settings to apply.

Allowing users to make posts of up to 10,000 characters is a big change from what was previously allowed. Back in the day, you had to be very efficient because the character limit was 140 characters. Then it doubled the limit to 280 characters. The latest update may change the nature of Twitter because the content will be very long.

Regarding monetization, Twitter CEO Elon Musk said Thursday that followers can become subscribers to any type of content, including long-form posts and even hours of video content. For the first 12 months, Twitter won’t keep any of the creators’ earnings, they’ll only lose money associated with fees on iOS and Android, or payment processors.

For example, Musk has launched a subscription product on his Twitter account where he charges users $4 to see private tweets he issues.

Source: Twitter through CNBC


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