Twitter is restoring blue verified checkmarks to accounts with more than 1 million followers.


Just a few days ago, Twitter got rid of almost all of the blue verified checkmarks on accounts that were placed before Elon Musk bought the social networking company. He wanted to make people. Pay $8 a month. To get a checkmark instead. It was later revealed that Musk personally placed verified checkmarks on the accounts of three popular Twitter users. Now it looks like there is another partial reversal of his checkmark policy.

As rolling Stone According to reports, Twitter has blue-tagged many accounts that have more than 1 million followers. is one of them. Lord of the Rings And The X-Men Actor Ian McKellen, who wanted to tell his followers that he didn’t pay to get the badge back.

That’s not the only thing Twitter has changed gears recently. Earlier this month, the network banned the Twitter accounts of media outlets such as NPR, BBC, and PBS from either “State-affiliated” or “government-sponsored.” Now, those labels have been removed from accounts that had them. According to the report, Musk made the decision because of a suggestion from Walter Isaacson, the famous journalist and official biographer of Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Isaacson is reportedly working on a similar biography of Musk.


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