Twitter has begun removing the legacy blue verified checkmark from unpaid accounts.


The Pope on Twitter

Twitter is finally getting rid of its legacy verified checkmarks. Even Pope Francis is not immune to losing this coveted blue badge. on your Twitter account. This process was to start from April 1. However, Twitter moved this deadline to today.

From now on, people who want to get a blue checkmark on their account will have to pay $8 per month for one. Twitter Blue Subscription. To be fair, this subscription does come with some extra perks, such as support for up to 10,000 characters in a post, the ability to edit tweets up to 30 minutes after they’re posted, support for bold and italic text, and cutdowns. 50 percent of advertising.

Of course, the reason for the old verified checkmark was so that people could know that the Twitter account was owned and operated by the person who had the badge. The new checkmarks under Twitter Blue will require the person to submit their phone number in advance.

Also, subscribers who want to change their profile photo, display name, or username will lose the blue checkmark “until the account is verified to meet our requirements”. Learn more about how Twitter handles verified accounts with the new subscription model It can be found on its support site..


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