Twisted Metal Series 2023 release teased by head of PlayStation production


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  • PlayStation Production head Asad Qazalbash has hinted that Twisted Metal could premiere in 2023.
  • In a new Twitter video summarizing the studio’s 2023, he put a joker and fire emoji at the end, referring to Sweet Tooth.
  • Qizilbash confirmed in tweet replies that he is working hard to release the show this year.
  • No release date has yet been confirmed for the Anthony Mackie-led show, but we hope it’s in 2023.

In addition to video games, Sony and PlayStation have a number of projects for TV and film. There is a show based on one of these projects. Twisted metal A series of vehicular combat games. We don’t have a release date for this Peacock TV series even though it has wrapped production, but we do have a clue.

PlayStation Productions Studio Head Asad Qizilbash has teased that Twisted Metal will premiere. 2023. In a video for the studio expected this year, Qizilbash references the series’ mascot, Sweet Tooth. And in the context of the video, it feels like he’s hinting that we’ll be seeing Twisted Metal this year.

Video games have been adapted into other forms of media since their inception. Hollywood remakes of famous games are a common theme now, and you could even say they’ve gotten better recently. PlayStation Productions is a studio that pioneered the paradigm shift around video game movies and TV shows.

Headed by chief Asad Qazalbash, the studio works to adapt the various. PlayStation IPs In other forms of media. If you’re looking to continue. HBO An adaptation of The Last of Us, you’ll find that Qizilbash is hitting it out of the park. Since the production company officially launched. 2019the studio has been hard at work.

unordered was PlayStation Productions’ first project, and it was a huge success. In addition to the global phenomenon of The Last of Us, the studio has numerous projects in the works. Gran Turismo, Days passedand Ghost of Tsushima are just some of the IPs getting the movie treatment.

On the other hand, many TV shows are also in development at PlayStation Productions. And, of those shows, the most interesting Twisted Metal is one. Led by Anthony Mackie. And prominent Will Arnett As the voice of Sweet Tooth, the show is going to stream on Peacock.

On twisted metal wrapped filming August 27, 2022, but we haven’t heard anything about the release date. However, a new video on Twitter account Asad Qizilbash has given us a clue about the year of initiation. In the tweet, the studio head put 2023 into perspective for PlayStation production via an elevator ride.

Gran Turismo glows from inside the elevator doors. When these doors open, we can see the main characters from The Last of Us covering the wall. These are the only projects confirmed by the studio to be released this year, hence the tweet’s caption.

However, what finally catches our attention are the emojis. Add Qizilbash a The clown emoji With a fire at the end of the caption: “You can’t see me but my head is on fire too.Fans caught on very quickly and recognized that the clown on fire did not represent anyone sweet tooth From twisted metal.

So, keeping the context of the tweet in mind, it’s highly likely that Asad Qizilbash is teasing a 2023 release of the series. Considering how months have passed since principal photography ended, this makes a lot of sense. I Answers On the tweet, the PlayStation production leader also confirmed this.

Responding to a fan who asked if the tweet was teasing a 2023 release date for Twisted Metal, Qizilbash gave us some hope. He said a release date has not been confirmed, but the studio “Difficulty at work“To kick it off this year. So, it’s safe to say the studio head has one. 2023 premiere Mind for the peacock series.

Asad Qizilbash didn’t make any promises, but his attitude makes us believe that we’ll be seeing Twisted Metal in 2023. We hope it happens soon as the series has an exciting makeup of writers and actors. Deadpool, Zombieland, Monster Inc.And GI Joe The authors sand ridge And Paul Wernick Creating and writing the show.

If you know anything about the pop culture influence of these movies, you’ll be excited. Avengers star Anthony Mackie is working alongside the WWE star on the show. Samoa Joe And Lego Batman Voice actor Will Arnett portrays Sweet Tooth. with New Campbell And Stephanie Beatriz Also in the cast, the show is full of talent.

Hopefully Qizilbash’s hint is correct and we’ll get to see the premiere of Twisted Metal in 2023. Do you think this show will be a success or a bad adaptation? Let us know in the comments below.

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