TWIRL 112: SpaceX to try again with Falcon Heavy launch after delay


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This week, SpaceX will try and launch its Falcon Heavy after last week’s delay and a Falcon 9 that will carry Starlink satellites. Last week, we attempted to land the HAKUTO-R M1 Lunar Lander on the Moon but ultimately failed. You can find his coverage in the recap.

Sunday, April 30

The first launch comes from this week. SpaceX. This will launch. Falcon Heavy By taking ViaSat 3 America and Arcturus communications satellite. It was supposed to launch on April 26 but was delayed. It will start according to the new schedule. Florida between 11:29 pm and 12:26 am UTC. The event will be broadcast. SpaceX website.

Tuesday, May 2

The second and last one is at the beginning of the week. Tuesday morning at 8:20 UTC. SpaceX Will start a Falcon 9 from Cape Canaveral, Floridato carry around 56 Starlink A satellite in low earth orbit. Starlink satellites form an expansive constellation that provides Internet connectivity on Earth where customers can connect to special receivers.


The first notable event last week was the landing attempt. HAKUTO-R M1 Lunar Lander. Unfortunately, the team lost contact with it, suggesting it could have crashed.

Next, we got a blurry launch Falcon 9 The carriers Starlink satellites The first stage of the rocket in orbit also landed so that it could be reused.

The third and final launch was also one. Falcon 9 But was taking SES O3b mPOWER 3 and 4 satellites. There was also another landing of the first stage.

That’s it for this week, be sure to check in next time!


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