Traveler’s Prayer Diablo 4: Side Quest Walkthrough


The latest addition to the Diablo Universe is Diablo 4, a game with stories and quests to complete! One of these is a side quest called the Traveler’s Prayer, which has left many players confused as to how to complete it. This guide will ensure that all information is provided on how to successfully complete Traveler’s Prayer Diablo 4!

Key takeaways

  • Travelers Prayer Diablo 4 is a Side search Where players have to thank a shrine.
  • Knowledge is required to complete this quest. Emote Wheel.
  • To start searching, visit Hog’s head And pick up Letter on the table.
  • Visit the The location of the shrine Which is marked on the map after the search is started.
  • At the shrine, assign. Thanks Emot on your emote wheel by clicking Customize Button
  • Go to the shrine and use the thank you emote. Complete the quest.
  • gave Rewards Following are the prayer finds for travelers:
    • Weak elixir of poison resistance.
    • Weak Third Eye Elixir.
    • 4086 XP.
    • 1040 gold coins
    • 20 broken peaks are known.

What is the Traveler’s Prayer in Diablo 4?

The Traveler’s Prayer is one of several side quests in Diablo 4. This quest requires players to thank the shrine. While this side quest may seem like a straightforward task, it’s quite the opposite. To complete the Traveler’s Prayer Diablo 4 side quest, you must know about the Emote Wheel and how to use it. Also, players must be present to complete this quest. Level 7 and up.

Traveler’s Prayer Diablo 4 Walkthrough

First, get yourself over the hog’s head; A local water hole can be found on the southern side of the Broken Peaks. Inside this pub, there will be a note on the table. Pick up this letter and it will say “From Yeltsina, I set out on my Hajj. I gave thanks on the side of the road and blessed my journey…

Once you see the letter, a goal will appear on the screen saying “Give thanks at the shrine.It marks the beginning of the search for the side, the travelers prayer.

Now you can leave the hog’s head and follow the marker that will lead you to the shrine. The location can also be searched by navigating to the following steps.

  1. Turn right and run to Zeleny Lowlands.
  2. Keep on cutting north through The grumbling mill. There will be a group here. Ghoul You have to take out.
  3. At the end, you will find the shrine.
Ghost on the Hummingbird Hill
Ghouls were encountered on Marmaring Hill.

Once you reach the shrine, open the emote wheel. This can be done by either pressing E On the keyboard or the UpDpad button on your controller. Select custom and assign the labeled emote.ThanksOn your emote wheel.

At the shrine, use Thanks The emote was previously assigned. This will complete the side quest, and reward you with the following rewards inside the chest.

  • A weak elixir of positional resistance
  • A weak third eye elixir
  • 4896 XP
  • 1040 gold coins
On completion of the shrine
After completing the quest, the shrine.

Final thoughts

That’s all folks, this concludes the guide on how to complete the Traveller’s Prayer Diablo 4 side quest. You can also assign different things to the emote wheel, and change it as you progress throughout the game. Check out the guides for other quests like finding the tower keys, or solving the mystery of the spring puzzle.

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