Top Lane Tier List: BEST Top Laners [Feb. 2023]


After previously ranking the complete roster of the League of Legends tier list and the Mid Lane tier list, folks here at eXputer have now diverted our attention to ranking the Best Top Laners in the current meta. So, strap on because we’re going for a joyride through the best and worst of the top lane in this Top Lane Tier List.

Key Highlights

  • League of Legends fans get up to 150 total fighting heroes, out of which they are supposed to build a team of five. 
  • The entire character caste is divided into five major playing types–Top lane, Jungle, Mid Rank, Bottom, and Support out of which 23 are dedicated Top Lane characters in the game. 
  • We rank these Top Laners based on the overall value each one of them has shown after LoL’s latest buffs and nerfs.

  • League of Legends Top Laner that truly excel in our ranking criteria compared to the rest include Wukong, Mordekaiser, Fiora, and Darius
  • These highlight League of Legends units are currently the most well-performing units for their specific Top Lane role and pack a higher chance of success for both new and experienced players. 

  • Irelia, Renekton, Sylas, and Teemo, on the other hand, pack a pretty shallow success rate (less than 50%) and ultimately the worst LoL Top Laning experience that everyone dreads.  
  • These characters are absolutely unplayable in the current League of Legends meta.

One of the most revered names in the gaming industry is “League of Legends (LoL)“; it is casually just referred to as “League“. League is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) type game consisting of two teams of five players. These two teams compete against each other for kills, farm, gold, items, map control, and ultimately, destroying the enemy team’s Nexus, which is the ultimate goal of each game.

Top Lane Tier List Characters Ranking Table
Tiers Top Laners
S-Tier  Wukong, Mordekaiser, Fiora, Darius
A-Tier Nasus, Ornn, Garen, Olaf, Aatrox, Riven
B-Tier Yorick, Rengar, Zac, Camile, Jax, Pantheon
C-Tier Vladimir, Sion, Sett
D-Tier Irelia, Renekton, Sylas, Teemo


Champions - Top Lane Tier List

Before the beginning of each match, you must choose the champion you will use and take it from us; there are various champions to choose from. They vary from legendary heroes to demonic assassins and everything in between. 

Additionally, there are several champions to pick from, as well as a variety of items and weapons for each champion. With two teams comprised of five distinct champions, there is 3.7 X 1021 potential team vs team games. You should also keep in mind that many of the champions may be played in numerous roles and places.

With the addition of Nilah and Bel’Veth, there are more than 160 total champions in League of Legends today. This is an enormous number, especially considering that there were only 40 champions at launch. The reason for such a high number of champions is that Riot Games keep adding champions very regularly to provide the game with enough content and keep it fresh.

Each of the 160 champions possesses’ a completely unique set of abilities, known as their Kit. This “kit” of each champion goes hand in hand with their gameplay and the items they should buy (known as the build path). Further, every champion is judged based on their kit’s effectiveness in the current meta.

Moreover, keep in mind that the Riot Games are balancing team regularly updates the game every few weeks with major and minor changes, so the tier list of champions keeps changing as well.

One champion that is in the S tier in the current patch can get as bad as to warrant it being in the C or even D tier, only due to a few nerfs. For those reasons, we will keep updating this tier list to match the current patch as time goes on. Additionally, Valorant is another game by Riot Games that you may be interested in Valorant Guns Tier List.


S Tier
S Tier

The following champions have been placed in the S Tier after comparing them to all other top lane champions. The reason for this decision is that they are the best-performing champions in the current meta. Moreover, they are the most dominant in the top lane with the highest win rates of all top laners. You should try giving one of these top laners a chance if you are a top laner, currently struggling to climb.


Darius is and has always been, for as long as I remember, one of the best and strongest top laners in League of Legends. He is a Juggernaut/Bruiser-type champion that can do devastating amounts of physical damage while also remaining fairly tanky. Darius is a massive lane bully due to his strength in the early game.

Additionally, his passive “Hemorrhage” provides him with almost double the attack damage of most other champions once he gets five stacks on them. Consequently, this early game strength because of his passive makes him near unmatchable in early levels.

Moreover, if one is able to carry this advantage to mid-game, Darius can easily turn any team fight by getting five stacks and dunking enemies one after another with his Ultimate.

Furthermore, the recent resistance changes have made Darius even stronger than he normally is. Due to them, he is way harder to burst down or kite; considering these were his main weaknesses, it is obvious that the changes made him stronger. He is stronger due to overall increased resistance, yet his damage output remains the same as he does true damage to enemies.

As concluded by all the above-mentioned facts, it is obvious that Darius belongs in the S-tier. He is very strong in the current meta and can dominate every lane if he gets the chance. Further, he can easily carry a team into victory due to his team fight potential.


  • + Dominant Early.
  • + Big Lane Bully.
  • + Can 2v1 in the lane.
  • + Tanky with damage.
  • + Adaptive build paths.
  • + Good Team fighter.
  • + Strong Mid-Game.
  • + Strong carry potential.


Fiora is one of the champions you could have the most fun with because she is hypermobile and has so much ability to outperform in every situation. Consequently, there is practically no limit to how far you can push your limitations with Fiora. Further, there is always a higher level of play you can achieve because of how challenging the champion is.

However, an issue with Fiora is how matchup and comp-dependant she is. It becomes extremely challenging to play the game if the other side selects champions with a lot of range, such as Jayce, Kindred, Ahri, Karma, Jinx, etc. Additionally, she is also extremely susceptible if the jungler weak sides or picks a scaling jungler.

Regardless, Fiora is extremely strong in the current meta, with buffs to new items and prolonged fights due to resistance changes. Furthermore, Fiora almost always wins a long fight if played right, so the current League of Legends trends are beneficial to her. These qualities make Fiora an S-tier top laner in the current meta.


  • + Crazy Duelist.
  • + Strong in early/mid/late game.
  • + Extremely Fun.
  • + Hypermobility
  • + Strong Splitpusher.
  • + One of the Highest Skill Caps.


Mordekaiser is a strong Juggernaut that can deal big damage. He can 1v1 almost anyone in the entire game due to his ultimate. Moreover, the same ultimate gives him the potential to easily 1v2 when he is ganked. Mordekaiser can take the weaker of the two enemies to “Brazil”, which is what League players call his Realm of Death.

There he can kill one of the two and then attend to the remaining enemy/s. Further, you can think of Mordekaiser as an AP Darius. Consequently, just like Darius, he benefited greatly from the resistance changes and has earned a spot in the S tier.


  • +Easy to pick up.
  • +Powerful in low elo.
  • +Good dueling.
  • +Hard to take down.
  • +Deals high damage.
  • +Good Mid to Late-Game.


Shen is a team player. What that means is that unlike other champions stuck in the top lane island, disconnected from the world. Shen can directly help his whole team get ahead due to his Global Ultimate, which can travel him all over the map to any teammate.

Moreover, Shen can turn the tide of any battle by getting there out of nowhere and surprising the enemy. Furthermore, due to his unique playstyle, Shen is very good and reliable as a top laner. Especially in the current meta. This, in turn, has earned him a spot in the S tier.


  • + Good initiation with E and R.
  • + Very useful at countering autoattack-based champions.
  • + Build-in shield, bonus AA range, AS, Dash in the kit.
  • + Decent base damage.
  • + Protects himself and his team with W.
  • + Ultimate has a global range.


Wukong received a rework not too long ago. Before the rework, he was only good at team fighting and not much more. However, ever since he was changed, he has remained at the S tier of Top lane, as well as, Jungle.


  • +Became unkillable.
  • +Can clear jungle camps easily.
  • +He has the biggest chance to win against ad champs because of his passive.
  • +Does damage more than before.
  • +Hard laning phase for enemies.
  • +Can carry solo.
  • +Still good in team fights.
A Tier - Top Lane Tier List
A Tier

All of these top laners have win rates higher than 50%, and they are currently considered to be quite powerful. Although they might not be the best of the best like the ones in the S tier, these champions still prove useful in many situations, such as team fights, dueling, map control, split pushing, etc.

Furthermore, if you are already familiar with any of these top laners and you know how to play them, remember their combos, priorities, strengths, and weaknesses. Additionally, you have not tried or are not comfortable with any of the champions in the S tier.

Then the top laners in the A tier that you are familiar with may even be better and prove more useful in climbing than the unknown ones with more win rate. 


Aatrox is a melee champion, yet he has such long-range abilities and gap closers that even ranged champions get cheesed by him. If he gets into a controlling position, he can successfully zone almost all Top laners out of Gold and Exp from minions. Furthermore, this can make them even more frustrated and throw the game altogether by trying to fight him over the farm and dying again and again.


  • +Works very well even against long-range opponents
  • +Aatrox can out-sustain most enemies.

Although his healing has been significantly nerfed over the years. Especially his healing from minions. You can still stay in relatively high health and have more sustain than your opponent during trades. Moreover, Aatrox’s sustain and lifesteal increase a lot during his ultimate form, and he is almost unkillable as long as he keeps hitting enemy champions.

  • +No mana costs or other drawbacks

Aatrox has no mana costs or any other health costs on his ability. Due to this, you can throw your abilities out and make trades over and over again without any drawbacks. Additionally, due to your sustain combined with no health/mana/or other drawbacks, you can almost always come out ahead after a few trades.

  • +Knockups on multiple abilities

In team fights, as well as 1v1 situations, it’s fantastic to be able to knock someone up +slow/pull. You may cc lock opponents and hold them down to the point where they are unable to use their kit in team fights when coupled with a cc-heavy support/jungler/certain mid laners. This knock-up also prevents them from auto-attacking, allowing you to reduce DPS if you’re concentrating on an ADC drastically.


Aatrox does plain physical damage. Not much percentage health and no armor pen at all. This causes him to get outscored by other champions, buy armor, and generally have a better calling.

This point pretty much explains itself.

This is also self-explanatory.

Aatrox has a kit that relies entirely on the players hitting all their skillshots and completing their combo. If you miss even one of the skills, it messes up the entire combo and significantly reduces your chance of killing opponents. Consequently, due to these reasons, he requires a lot of practice and good mechanics for players to be able to accomplish much with him.


Olaf received some massive changes recently and was turned from an exclusive Jungle champion to a Top Laner. Moreover, ever since he became a top laner, he has been quite strong, with a win rate higher than 50%, earning him a spot in A Tier.


  • +When ganked, high 1v2 potential.
  • +Strong front line.
  • +Solid roaming potential too
  • +Decent poke and trades.
  • +Incredibly early/mid game.
  • +Overall very powerful tank that cannot be cc’d due to his ult.


  • -Very hard to come back in the game.
  • -Falls hard later on.
  • -Vulnerable to gap closer enemies.


Garen is an easy-to-learn, tanky, mobile, and all-around great Top Laner. Moreover, he can deal a great deal of damage, all while being extremely tanky and mobile. Further, he poses a great threat and has high kill potential, especially with ignite.

Additionally, Garen is basically a more tanky but less damage-heavy and team-fight-effective version of Darius. However, he is quite easy, making him the best champion to climb with for Low ELO players.


  • +Great damage in the early and mid-game, even without special items to increase physical damage. Good base damage.
  • +High one-time damage of some skills.
  • +Able to kill weak mages or AD carries in literally one combo.
  • +Excellent tank qualities.
  • +There is protection against slow.
  • +Can quickly kill minions and demolish towers.
  • +Abilities do not cost mana and Garen is limited to cooldown only.
  • +An excellent ultimate that allows you to finish off enemies easily.
  • +Easy champion to play and master.


  • – There are no good control skills.
  • – Easy to kite by champions with ranged attack and control.
  • – Has no instant escape skills, he can only increase its movement speed.
  • – In the late game Garen becomes less relevant due to the lack of damage and the lack of good controlling skills.


Ornn is a full tank top laner. He is one of the tankiest champions in the game because of his passive giving him extra armor. He provides a very beefy frontline and excellent engagement for team fights with his ultimate. Moreover, being a master forger, he can build his items at any place, giving him a great advantage over opponents.

Additionally, he can help his team get even stronger by upgrading their weapons in the late game. Especially after the resistance buffs, he deserves to be in A tier or higher.


  • + Can shop from anywhere.
  • + Has crowd control.
  • + Can get very tanky due to passive providing extra armor and magic resist.
  • + Brittle is quite useful in team fights and keeps the enemies ccd much longer.
  • + Upgrades the whole team’s items making his entire team stronger than the enemy team.


  • – Can run out of mana in lane.
  • – Learning the angle and getting down the correct timing of his ultimate can take a while.
  • – Weak against poke.


One of League of Legends’ strongest champions at the conclusion of the game, Nasus stacks everything with his Q and is nearly hard to stop. Moreover, Nasus eventually develops into a fantastic melee tank that deals a ton of damage. Additionally, Learning how to play him won’t be challenging because he has a rather straightforward understanding and mechanics.

Further, you just need to be able to farm efficiently and use Siphoning Strike to eliminate minions. Playing Nasus is a little tedious at first in the game. When playing as Nasus, correct wave management is key. You need to stay away from fights in the early game, fast or slow, push the waves correctly, and always stack minions with q when possible. As long as all of these things are done correctly, Nasus will always turn into a 1v9 machine by the late game.


  • +Nasus can do a lot of damage and take even more, both at the same time.
  • +Learning, playing, and even mastering him is not difficult.
  • +Passive lifesteal provides good, much-needed sustain.
  • +Nasus’ R cuts his q cooldown by half and makes him a lot beefier. Almost doubling his entire power for quite a duration
  • +His W, Wither is the most powerful slow in the entire game.
  • +Gets very strong as the game goes on.


  • – Very weak in the beginning; his team should consider themselves in a 4v5 until lvl 6.
  • – Can get shut down by cc.
  • – He cannot escape if weak.
  • – Quite important to farm correctly


Riven is a champion who is incredibly rewarding and enjoyable and who excels at pretty much every aspect of being a bruiser. However, without countless hours of practice, Riven may be a very harsh champion.

Riven is like a double-edged sword. Consequently, she can either be very useful and strong or very weak. Additionally, with the right skills, she can be the strongest champion in the game. Albeit, it all depends on your skill.


  • + Hypermobile.
  • + High skill ceiling.
  • + Extremely fun.


  • – Hard to learn.
  • – No true/mixed damage.
  • – No in-lane sustain.

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B Tier - Top Lane Tier List
B Tier

These are the top laners having around a 50% win rate. They are neither too good nor too bad. We would not recommend that you try to climb with any of these champions if you are not already familiar with them.

However, if you have a good amount of first-hand experience and mastery points with them or one of these is your main. In that case, the win rate and tier may be irrelevant to you.

This means that you can still play these champions and even climb with them regardless of them being in the B tier. As there are not many drawbacks or major nerfs to them. They are only mediocre for the average players, and tier lists do not apply to One Trick Ponys and Mains.


Once Jax acquires a few items, he becomes a highly powerful fighter. Additionally, in the late game, in the proper hands, it has the potential to become a monster. However, being behind as Jax may be quite painful. Furthermore, If you fall far behind in the game, it can be quite difficult to catch up, especially if the opposing team keeps denying you XP and CS.


  • + Auto w combo can reset autoattack.
  • + Very good at long 1v1 fights.
  • + Can escape through ward jumps and other means.
  • + No one can stop his split push after he gets strong.
  • + Becomes a monster in late-game.
  • + Gap closer through q.


  • – Weak vs cc.
  • – Struggles in teamfights.
  • – Very weak if falls behind
  • – Needs knowledge of opponent champs.
  • – Can get hard-countered by some other top laners.


Camile is a B Tier top laner in the current meta.


  • +Easily carries if very strong
  • +Good at split pushing and 1v1s.
  • +Easy Gank Setup.
  • +Can destroy tanks with true damage.
  • +Can easily get picks through her E dash
  • +Not weak early, neither at late game.


  • -Not very tanky.
  • -Can get focused by the entire enemy team if she uses her dash to go in.
  • -Has a learning curve.
  • -Not very good if behind.


It’s difficult to choose Zac at random and constantly win. He has very little early potential to contribute in 1v1. However, he’s a good choice if you want to sit behind turret because Zac is incredibly difficult to dive. Further, most of the best champions are simple to 1v1 if you know what you’re doing, and Zac’s CC and Passive are extremely effective when the jungler ganks.

Furthermore, with the correct runes and build, it scales fairly well and can be quite helpful even when behind. Additionally, Zac can be found in practically any team composition, and only a select few heroes can completely counter him in team battles.


In the top lane, Rengar is a flexible bully option. Additionally, jumping in and out of bushes and not letting the opponent even get a single hit in is very fun. Especially when you get a kill this way at lvl 1 and the opponent doesn’t even understand what happened.

However, due to Rengar’s kit, you will struggle if you fall significantly behind in a certain point total depending on the matchup. Consequently, if you don’t prepare your ferocity stacks in time, you’ll struggle against champions that can zone you off bushes at level one, a few scaling champions who have items that can assist them in countering you, and strong dive/gank pressure.

Furthermore, due to your inability to have significant mobility under turret, dives are particularly challenging to set up against champions using simple cc tools. Moreover, Rengar finds it difficult to engage in sieges and battles without Thrill of the Hunt, owing to your limited range and unreliability on bushes in the middle and late game. .


  • + Good at splitpushing
  • + Very good roams with R.
  • + Can survive any burst with his w.
  • + Very good at 1v1s in lane.
  • + Carries entire games if he gets ahead.
  • + Can choose between many different builds.


  • – Very weak if he falls behind.
  • – Can’t do much without bushes.
  • – Cannot do dives because no bushes.
  • – Sieging is difficult for the same reason.


Yorick is a high-damage bruiser. He is the best Splitpusher in the whole game. However, in his current state, he is not as strong as he used to be.


  • +Strong snowball potential and can 1v9 games very easily
  • +Incredibly powerful objective control.
  • +Satisfying Q Bonks
  • +Unique Playstyles with Ghouls and Maiden.
  • +One of the most unique and fun terrain alteration skill with W
  • +Very unknown champion. People have very little experience against Yorick, so he’s a lot more powerful because +They don’t know how to beat him.
  • +No matter how behind you are, if the enemy leaves you alone for 30 seconds on a side lane. GG.
  • +Once mastered, has no counters.


  • -No Mobility.
  • -Frustrating bugs and interactions with Ghouls and Maiden.
  • -Very difficult to master against hard matchups.
  • -Incredibly weak when behind.
  • -No Crowd Control.
  • -Horrendous AI of pets.


Pantheon’s mobility and attack speed may quickly make opponents unable to keep up with his high base damage, which is something that summoners want to take advantage of. Moreover, he is ideal for harassing enemies due to his ability to stun enemies with W or go for the kill with Q.

However, unlike in one-on-one competitions, Pantheon struggles while facing forth against several enemies champions at once. Consequently, when more than one attacker is attempting to gang up on you, retreat because he is easily eliminated by crowd control when you least expect it. Additionally, Pantheon is not in his best form in the current meta.


  • + His early burst is one of the best in whole game.
  • + Difficult to be countered in laning phase.
  • + His q can execute and q hold can execute from far away.
  • + He can roam anywhere, from anywhere, due to his R. This provides a map advantage as enemies are always afraid whenever he goes missing.
  • + He is a very powerful lane bully.


  • – In a weak state when no mortal will stacks.
  • – Not great at teamfigting.
  • – It is always easy to gank him because of his aggressive playstyle.
  • – Cannot kill tanks very easily after earlygame.

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C Tier
C Tier

Having a win rate of less than 50% is considered to be bad in the League of Legends community. Moreover, playing any champions having this win rate is frowned upon by teammates, especially in ranked games. We do not recommend playing any of these champions in ranked because they obviously need some buffs or changes.

However, you can still enjoy playing with these and having fun in normal or custom games where there is not much at risk. As you can still have fun playing these even if you lose the unranked game. 


Sett is not in the best of his states in the current meta. He is a good champion and even has earned his spot in the S tier a few times. However, currently, he is quite weak overall.


  • +Good Engager.
  • +Front line.
  • +Formidable Split Pusher.
  • +Great Scaling.


  • -Can Get Kited on Easily.
  • -Easy To Gank.
  • -Bad Vs Ranged Matchupsh ups.
  • -Immobile In The Early Game.


Sion is a tank with enormous basic health because of his W. Moreover, because of his massive basic damage, Sion may potentially be good in the laning phase in specific matchups. Further, In the midgame, he scales well. Furthermore, you may essentially roam from base to enemy lane with Sion’s integrated semi-global ultimate.

Additionally, Sion can even win games using his lethality build. His Q has an insane ad ratio and can one-shot people with lethality. This, in turn, causes his Lethality build to be even better than the tank build sometimes.


  • + His abilities have high base damage.
  • + Very good engage and frontline because of his R.
  • + Sion has one of the highest max hp in the entire game due to his w providing free max hp indefinitely.
  • + He can kill enemies even after dying due to his passive
  • + Can lock down opponents, even in teamfights.


  • – If his R is dodged by a dash or blink, he keeps going forward pointlessly.
  • – Can only escape ganks with R
  • – Ultimate can be walled off or ccd.
  • – Sion is not a very mobile champion.


Vladimir stands out in the spotlight because of his distinctiveness. The thing that makes battling a Vladimir so hard is having the ability to heal for half your abilities. Moreover, the key to succeeding as Vladimir in the mid to late game is to play passively and poke your opposing laner when the situation calls for it.

However, Vladimir’s lengthy ability cooldowns and lack of crowd control are his major drawbacks. Consequently, Vladimir is, therefore, a simple champion for the opposing laner to stick with. He can easily be countered, especially in the current meta.


  • + Can one shot entire teams with his full combo.
  • + Can engage teamfights with his R.
  • + No mana problems.
  • + W is a very good Escape ability.
  • + A Top Tier Late Game Carry.
  • + Very good sustain, not easily forced out of lane.
  • + Very high scaling.


  • – No cc.
  • – His combos are easy to remember but gaining mastery over them can take a while.
  • – Ability cd is long.
  • – No real gap closers or mobility.
  • – Early game is slow.
  • – Even his most expensive skins of 20$ are not great.
  • – Vladimir is weak early game.


D Tier
D Tier

The D tier is specifically made for top laners that are considered to be almost unplayable in the current meta. They have a win rate significantly below 50%, and picking them in ranked is almost a guarantee that you will not be having a fun time. Even if you want to play any of the following champions, we recommend that you wait until the next patch arrives to see if they receive any buffs.


First and foremost, your major objective when playing Teemo in a solo lane is to seize control of the lane outright before they reach level 6. This entails being extremely aggressive when necessary, being aware of minion aggro, and attempting to push them out of the lane or to get a kill whenever they make a small error, such as going for the cannon minion and taking damage equal to 75% of their HP while also missing due to our well-timed Blinding Dart.

You lose if you play the lane passively out of fear, especially against an easy champion. However, if you are currently playing Teemo in the top lane, firstly, shame on you. And secondly, he is quite weak currently, and that’s a very good thing.


Sylas is a great late-game champion and can easily carry games. Nevertheless, he has been lacking, both in the top lane and mid lane, recently.


  • +Always has a chance to outplay enemies.
  • +Roaming is an option.
  • +Has escape abilities.
  • +Gets very strong late game.
  • +If the enemy have good ults, so does he because his R can take the enemy ultimate.
  • +Works well against short range champions


  • -Easily bursted if behind.
  • -Very bad mana problems.
  • -Heal reduction easily counters him.
  • -Abilities range is not very.
  • -Skill shorts are hard to hit.


With Renekton, you can ensure that you out-farm your rivals. Renekton is proficient at proxying, thanks to your Q heal. However, he struggles in the first three stages of early gameplay defensively. Levels 3-5 are OK for you, but Renekton really thrives after level 6.

Additionally, the recent nerfs and “buffs” which were really just disguised nerfs, have made him really unplayable. It is best to wait for some changes before picking him up again.


Irelia is not in a viable state; however, if you want, try her. Here are the Pros and Cons.


  • + Always a millions of ways to outplay enemies.
  • + Very good mobility.
  • + Last hitting is very easy due to her q.
  • + Can keep dashing for a very long time with dash resets.
  • + High sustain.


  • – Very weak in the late game if left behind and not able to catch up.
  • – Can chase but cannot escape.
  • – Needs high mechanics.
  • – Must land many skillshot abilities.
  • – Very hard to get good with.
  • – Needs minions to stack passive and become strong.

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Game Modes

Game Modes
Game Modes

Having only one game mode can become boring and uneventful over time. Consequently, like almost any other game, League of Legends has several different game modes that offer a variety of gameplays. Champions, items, objectives, and, most importantly, maps are completely revamped to provide an everlasting and interchanging experience.

The reason for explaining game modes in this Tier List is to inform you of the fact that different game modes affect each champion and their items differently. Some Champions may be the S tier in one game mode while unplayable in others.

Moreover, as previously stated, different game modes have their own unique items, structures, and overall maps, which leads to entirely different outcomes even in similar scenarios. The game modes are classified into two categories: Rotating Game Modes and Permanent Game Modes.

Rotating Game Modes

These are mechanically unique game variants that are made available regularly via the Rotating Game Mode queue. Additionally, the permanent game types are adjusted and challenged differently in each of the rotations. Following are some types of rotating game modes:

Full List

  • Ultra Rapid Fire (URF)
  • Ultimate Spellbook
  • One for All
  • Nexus Blitz
  • Dark Star: Singularity
  • Odyssey: Extraction
  • Doom Bots
  • Hunt of the Blood Moon
  • Legend of the Poro King
  • Ascension
  • Black Market Brawlers
  • Nemesis Draft
  • Invasion
  • Nexus Siege
  • Definitely Not Dominion
  • Hexakill
  • Snowdown Showdown

Further information for these temporary game modes is not necessary for this tier list. Additionally, Team Fight Tactics is also a major game mode in League. Albeit, it is more of a different game with the same champions. Moreover, if you’re interested, please have a look at the TFT Set 7 Tier list.

Permanent Game Modes

As is evident by the name, “Permanent Game Modes” are maps and game types that are permanently playable. Unlike Rotating Game Modes, these do not get swapped out for other types during events. Furthermore, there are only two Permanent game modes: The Howling Abyss (ARAM) and Summoner’s Rift.

Howling Abyss is a fun, free for all type game mode with no real stakes. Moreover, random champions are given to players through rolls, and they have to play with these champions throughout the game. An average game of ARAM lasts around 20 minutes.

While Summoner’s Rift is the more serious game mode, everyone has their own lanes and roles to take care of. There are four types of matches in Summoner’s Rift, and these are: Normal (Blind), Normal (Draft), Ranked Solo/Duo, and Ranked Flex.

Normal (Blind) is a quick selection Summoner’s Rift game mode where each player selects their champions and goes right into the game. However, in Normal (Draft), we have a long selection phase consisting of bans and some other conditions, like not being able to pick the same champions as the enemy.

Ranked Solo/Duo is the same as Normal (Draft), but the stakes are higher as this game mode is “Ranked”. Ranked Flex is a team game mode, and it is a ranked game for parties of 3 players or more. 

Howling Abyss (ARAM)

ARAM or All Random All Mid is a game mode that takes place on the map of Howling Abyss. As is evident by the name, ARAM randomly selects the champions for the players. And subsequently places them in a single long lane where they have to fight the five enemy players.

These randomly selected champions are used by both teams to fight each other and accomplish the one ultimate goal of every League of Legends game mode, destroy the enemy team’s Nexus. The Nexus is a structure at the heart of each team’s base.

In addition to being protected by the champions themselves, it is also protected by Inhibitors and Turrets. Furthermore, the turrets get increasingly stronger the closer we get to the enemy team’s Nexus.

Summoner’s Rift

Summoner’s Rift is a fighting arena where all the champions and “Legends” from around the world come to fight and make a name for themselves. It is cannon in the League of Legends Universe. Moreover, All of the champions in League are here in Summoner’s Rift for one reason or another, whether it be gold, fame, or even to find their loved ones.

The map consists of 3 different lanes: Top, Mid, and Bot. Additionally, in between each lane, there is a collection of different monsters, bushes, and twisted pathways known as the Jungle. Each of these lanes has its own champions specific to its roles. One Toplaner, one Midlaner, two Players in Bot (ADC and Support), and one Jungler.

The objective of Summoner’s Rift is quite similar to Howling Abyss and all other game modes. Both the teams consisting of 5 players, working together as explained in the above-described roles, fight each other to gain the upper hand. All to destroy the enemy team’s Nexus.

Furthermore, Summoner’s rift consists of jungle monsters, buffs, structures (Turrets, Inhibitors), and epic monsters such as the Baron Nashor and Dragon. All of these are essential to take control of in order to win the game.

The reason for all of this information and in-depth explanation is that Summoner’s Rift is the most important game mode. The major matches, such as ranked and pro-play, are all done on this map. Consequently, it is the most popular map of all, and almost every tier list and ranking is specifically made for this map.

Similarly, this tier list ranking all top lane Champions is also focused only on their tiers in the Summoner’s Rift game mode. Another tier list you might be interested in is Raid Shadow Legends.

Strongest Top Lane Bullies

Strongest Lane Bullies
Strongest Top Lane Bullies

Top Lane Bully” is a term used to describe champions that are very strong in the laning phase of the top lane. Moreover, they can greatly punish any of the opponent’s mistakes and capitalize on them. Additionally, any small lead, if played right, eventually makes them snowball into a giant incapable of being brought down.

Further, if you are stronger than your opponent as one of these champs, you can make their lives a living hell. Obviously, being ahead means they cannot beat you in most 1v1 scenarios as you are much stronger than them and also a strong early game champion. Furthermore, they are unable to get gold or even experience points due to zoning.

Consequently, this makes the enemy useless in the grand scheme of things. Hence, a top lane bully would be a champion that can, more often than not, get really strong in the early laning phase and make his opponent useless in the process. Ultimately winning the game for his team.


The whole personality of Darius is of a “bully”; even his looks and skins scream that he’s a proud and confident person that can trash anyone he pleases. Consequently, his in-game voice lines also carry this theme of being the bully; he constantly harrases and teases the enemy with these lines.

Evidently, Darius is the biggest top lane bully in the game if he gets ahead in the early levels. Most of the time, it means that you will not be having any fun for the rest of your game. Further, Darius can easily carry the game after winning his laning phase and making the opponent useless. Furthermore, once he gets even a little bit ahead, it is very hard to shut him down.

The reason for this is because, even if the enemy jungler comes to help their losing top laner, many times it just ends up in Darius getting two extra kills and snowballing even further and harder. There is no other champ that deserves a spot here more than Darius.


While also being one of the strongest top laner in the game, Fiora is also a lane bully. Moreover, she is especially very good against tanks due to her max health based on true damage from her passive. Once she gets ahead of a tank, the game is pretty much over for them. Always try to play safe once Fiora is ahead of you because a tank can never beat a fed Fiora in 1v1.

Additionally, the greatest power of tanks is their cc along with their beefiness. Fiora already neglects the beefiness with her passive. Furthermore, she also counters cc by using her w to deflect the cc back to her enemy. This combo is the perfect counter to tanks, and they can never deal with a good Fiora.

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Best Late Game Carries

Best Late Game Carries
Best Late Game Carries

A “Late Game Carry” is a champion who gets overwhelmingly strong as the game goes on. And once we reach the late game, regardless of their previous state, these champions possess the ability to carry the entire game on their back and lead their team to victory.

Additionally, most of the power of late-game champions comes from their items and scaling abilities/passives. Hence, as the game goes on and everyone gets more items, these champions grow stronger and stronger. Moreover, these champions always have the potential to make a comeback. Consequently, one should never lose hope while playing as one of these champions.

Furthermore, even if the opponent is winning by a large margin, you just have to keep your patience and not lose your cool. Because you can always capitalize on every little mistake, they make once the late game rolls around.


Jax is the perfect example of a powerful late-game champion because most of his power depends on the items he gets. Regardless of his initial state, once Jax gets a few items, he can 1v1 anyone in the game and carry the game via split pushing. Additionally, in the late game, in the proper hands, it has the potential to become a monster.


Nasus is one of the hardest scaling champions in the game. Out of all the top lane champions, he scales the hardest with Q giving him more and more stack indefinitely. Additionally, regardless of how the game plays out, Nasus can keep stacking his Q and building tanky. Eventually, he becomes so strong that the enemy needs their entire team to stop your split push.


Yorick and Nasus are quite similar. The only difference is that Yorick is an even harder split pusher than Nasus. However, he scales less heavily. Nonetheless, Yorick is the best split pusher in the entire game and can end the game with one push using his Maiden, Ghoul Army, and Rift Herald. 

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Top Lane Tier List Criteria

Top Lane Tier List Criteria
Tier List Criteria

Now that you have looked through our Top Lane Tier List, you might agree with our rankings, or it is completely possible that you might disagree with some because there is always a bit of difference in opinion and playstyle when it comes to tier lists.

Moreover, you might like some champions that have been placed in the Low Tiers, and you might dislike some champions placed high above in the S tier.

Likewise, it is more than feasible that you are confused about some of the rankings given by us. To clear all of this confusion, we have made this section explaining all the thought and research that went into this ranking and also the means used to measure the overall effectiveness of each champion.

Additionally, each of the champions in this tier list has been placed in their specific tier after being compared and judged according to their difficulty, lane win rate, team fight effectiveness, and win rate in each rank (i.e win rates are drastically different between silver/bronze and platinum/diamond), and any recent buffs and nerfs that have made them better or worse.

Further, If you are still wondering how your favorite champion is placed in a low tier, you might have a good success rate with them. It can be because you are in the minority that is actually quite good with that specific champion.

Furthermore, tier lists are made while keeping the average player in mind. People who are very good with certain champions might still remain good with them even after they are nerfed.

We hope this tier list criteria explanation has cleared up any previous questions you had regarding our ranking. For more tier lists like this, try this Mobile Legends tier list.

Final Words

League of Legends was first released in 2009 by the video game company Riot Games, which has since built a franchise for itself consisting of several different titles, including Valorant, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, Wild Rift, and many more.

LoL was first based around the idea of a Warcraft 3 custom map, Defense of the Ancients. Additionally, The developers were avid players of the Warcraft map and decided to make a game based on that genre.

League is free to play with purchasable customization content such as skins and emotes. Over time, the game has expanded into a massive giant with over 180 million monthly players. League of Legends also holds the title for the largest E-Sport event with 100 million unique viewers and 44 million concurrent viewers in 2019 Worlds.

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