Top 16 AC Odyssey BEST Armor With Locations


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has tons of armor to choose from, but the best amongst them are legendary ones. If you are one of those people who think that legendary armors are better than epic armor in AC Odyssey, then think again. There are armor sets, other than legendary ones, that are more effective. However, that also doesn’t imply that grinding for legendary armor sets is useless in the game.

So stick around and find out everything you need to know about the best Assassin’s Creed Odyssey armors and why the gear system in this game is one of the best ones in the entire franchise.

Key Takeaways

  • Armor is really important in AC Odyssey as it allows you to take less damage from enemies.
  • There are a total of 16 Best Armors in AC Odyssey which are as follows:
    • Pirate Set: Obtained by defeating all the Gods of the Aegean Sea Members of the Cult Of Cosmos.
    • Spartan War Hero Set: Obtained by defeating the Peloponnesian League.
    • Agamemnon Set: Obtained by defeating all members of the Silver Vein Cult.
    • Snake Set: Obtained by defeating all members of the Eyes of Kosmos Group. 
    • Master Assassin’s Set: Obtained by defeating the Order of Dominion.
    • Pilgrim Armor Set: Acquired by sneaking into various Temples in Greece.
    • Immortal Set: Obtained by defeating the Worshippers of The Bloodline Cult.
    • Greek Heroes Set: Obtained by defeating Translucent, Resplendent, The Flash, Frenzied, and Lucky Drunk Mercenaries.
    • Arena Fighters Set: Obtained by defeating all the arena fighters in Level 50. 
    • Master’s Artemis Set: Acquired by completing all the Daughter of Artemis Quests.
    • Athenian War Hero Set: Obtained by defeating all the members of the Delian League of the Cult of Kosmos.
    • Demigod Set: Acquiring this armor by defeating Deimos in Battle.
    • First Civilization Set: Acquired by looting things in Atlantis.
    • Amazon Set: Defeat all the members of Heroes Of The Cult in order to obtain this armor set.
    • Spartan Renegade Set: Can be bought for 1000 Helix from the in-game store.
    • Pegasos Armor Set: Can be bought for 1500 Helix from the in-game store.

Legendary vs Epic Armors In AC: Odyssey

The main reason that Epic armors can be considered better than the legendary ones in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is because of the engravings. On the legendary armor, you get three perks along with the armor set bonus. The epic armor on the other hand comes with four engravings; for each armor piece, you can have a different perk.  This way you won’t be stuck with the selected engraving that comes with legendary armor like the armor set bonus which only applies when you are wearing all the pieces.

The engraving stats increases every 10 levels in AC Odyssey and the legendary armor gets more stats compared to the epic ones in the game. However, that can be easily dealt with by using the extra engraving with the epic armor sets. That said, all the legendary ones look miles better than epic armor counterparts. Moreover, with the legendary armor sets, you can focus on creating just one build, like a Warrior or an Assassin. All in all, the game balances the gear system pretty well and gives both the legendary and the epic gear their own standings. 

  • Note: Since this list is for the best AC Odyssey armors, all the armors are assumed to be at level 99. Meaning the stats mentioned here are maxed out.

Pirate Set – Best Assassin Armor

Damage Buffs How To Acquire
  • 25% increase in Assassin Damage.
  • 15% increase in all Assassin Abilities.
  • 50% Adrenaline Gain after every successful assassination.
  • Also has a good amount of crit chance, crit damage, and with full health provides extra crit.
Eliminate all the Gods Of The Aegean Sea Members Of the Cult Of Cosmos. 

The Pirate armor set is hands down the best Assassin build armor in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. When equipped, all gear pieces individually, players get 25% assassin damage making a total of 125%. Then the armor set’s additional 15% damage to all assassin abilities allows you for an instant kill during assassination even on powerful enemies.

Best Assassin Armor AC Odyssey
Best Assassin armor set in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Other than that, this armor set has a good amount of crit chance, crit damage, and additional crit chance when the health is full, not to mention the 50% adrenaline gain with every successful assassination.  All in all this armor is the ultimate set for players looking for the best Assassin build in the game.

How To Get The Pirate Set

Getting the pirate armor set might not be an easy job, because you will have to get rid of all the Gods of the Aegean Sea Members of Cult Of Cosmos. You will be battling each of the members in a naval battle since they are experts of sea battle. None of the members have any fixed spawn place where they can be found. However, there are specific areas where you can locate them while venturing the sea.

Spartan War Hero Set – Best Warrior/Brawler Armor

Damage Buffs How To Acquire
  • 15% damage increase in Warrior Abilities.
  • Each armor piece provides a 15% increase in Warrior Damage meaning a total of 150% Warrior Damage Increase.
  • 10% increase in Crit Chance.
  • 20% Damage Increase with Overpower Abilities.
  • 50% Increase in Crit Damage.
Get Rid of the Peloponnesian League.

Spartan War Hero has the best Warrior stats amongst all the armor sets in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The set itself has a bonus of 15% Damage with Warrior Abilities and then each piece of the armor has +25% Warrior damage; meaning this set has a total of 140% Warrior Damage, which is insane.

Best Warrior/Brawler Armor Set AC Odyssey
Best Warrior/Brawler armor set in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

For those of you who prefer fighting and brawling with opponents then this game has no better piece of equipment than Spartan War Hero Set. On top of the warrior damage, this set also grants you an extra +10% CRIT Chance, +20% damage with Overpower Abilities, and +50% CRIT Damage. So what better option do you have for a Warrior build other than equipping this armor set? Well, if you have one then let us know in the comments.

How To Get Spartan War Hero Set 

Getting the Spartan War Hero armor can only be done if you have finished Chapter 7 of the main story. Just like some of the other armor sets in our list, the Spartan War Hero Set is acquired by killing the member of the Cult of Kosmos and for this set, you will need to get rid of the Peloponnesian League. Killing three of the said league’s members is part of the main quests. The rest you will have to locate and kill to obtain the complete Spartan War Hero armor set in the game.

Agamemnon Set – Best Burning/Fire Armor

Damage Buffs How To Acquire
  • 80% Fire Damage Increase.
  • 20 seconds Burning Duration.
  • 50% increase in Elemental Buildup.
  • 125% Warrior Damage.
Get Rid Of all the members of the Silver Vein Cult.

By far the only armor set in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey that we would recommend using if you want to have a ridiculous amount of fire damage on the enemies. Agamemnon Set has +80% Fire Damage, +20 Seconds Burning Duration, and +50% Elemental Buildup. Use it with a weapon like Mallet of Everlasting Flame and your fire attack damage will go through the roof, off-the-charts, whatever suits your boat.

Best Burning/Fire Armor AC Odyssey
Best Burning/Fire armor set in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

The second most noticeable thing about this armor is its warrior damage which is at 125% just like most of the armors in our list. However, the warrior damage affects all of the armors differently because of their nature. For this one, it makes the close-range fights much more fierce and intense. So, for players who are looking for the best Fire-based armor set in AC Odyssey, then this one is for you.

How To Get The Agamemnon Set

Getting the Agamemnon Set may prove to be a challenging task. You will have to assassinate all the members of the Silver Vein cult and they all are pretty heavily guarded. You can only hunt them after the completion of Episode 3 in the main story.

Snake Set – Best Intoxication Armor

Damage Buffs How To Acquire
  • 10% increase in Intoxication Damage and Weakening Effect.
    • +20 Seconds of Intoxicated Duration.
  • 80% increase in Poison Damage.
  • 50% increase in Elemental Buildup.
  • Each armor piece has a 25% Assassins Damage Increase having a total of 125% Assassin Damage with the full set.
Get Rid Of all the members of Eyes Of Kosmos Group.  

This armor set, more or less, is the Intoxication version of the Agamemnon Set. However, that doesn’t mean that the Snake Set is the only best-suited armor for intoxication in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, it has a rival. The set has a bonus of +10% Intoxicated Damage and Weakening Effect; extremely useful for dealing high intoxication damage on enemies. The set also has +20 Seconds Intoxicated Duration, +80% Poison Damage, and +50% Elemental Buildup. All of that combined makes up for a damn good Intoxication armor set.

AC Odyssey Best Intoxication Armor Set
Best Intoxication armor set in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Unlike most sets on our lists, this set has Assassin damage instead of Warrior damage with individual pieces. Each piece has +25% Assassin Damage adding up to a total of 125% Assassin damage, which is pretty neat.

How To Get The Snake Set

Snake set is also acquired from the Cult of Kosmos. You can get all the pieces for this set of armor by killing all the members of the Eyes of Kosmos group. Eliminating one of their members is part of the main quest in chapter 3 and you can hunt the rest of them down easily by locating them in Greece.

Master Assassin’s Set – 2nd Best Intoxication Armor

Damage Buffs How To Acquire
  • Total of 80% Poison Damage.
  • 20 Seconds Increase in Intoxicated Status Effect.
  • Vanish Ability which allows the intoxication of enemies without the use of adrenaline.
Get Rid Of all the members of the Order Of Dominion.

This armor set is the direct rival to the Snake Set and is next in line for the best Intoxication Armor set in AC Odyssey since it also has great Intoxication engravings. The set has a total of +80% Poison Damage along with +20 Seconds Intoxicated status effect duration, making it a great rival to the Snake Armor Set. However, both of these armor sets come with unique set bonuses.

AC Odyssey second best Intoxicant Armor Set
Best Intoxication armor set in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

The bonus for this set is that the Vanish Ability intoxicates enemies and costs no Adrenaline, while the Snake Set has +10% Intoxicated status effect damage and weakening effect. If we look just for Intoxication damage then the Snake Set dominates but it can be more useful than its Master Assassin’s Set. 

How To Get The Master Assassin’s Set

This set is part of a DLC quest. To get Master Assasin’s set, you need to defeat all the members of the Order of Dominion, which are a part of the Legacy of the First Blade. Each of the members, just like Cult Kosmos, will drop a different piece of armor and the full set will unlock after killing all the members.

Pilgrim Armor Set – Best Stealth Armor

Damage Buffs How To Acquire
  • -100% of Adrenaline Consumption by the Shadow Of Nyx Ability.
  • 40% increase in movement while crouching.
  • Each armor piece has an Assassin Damage Increase of 25%.
All Armor Pieces can be acquired by sneaking into all the temples in Greece.

Most of the armors in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey have a unique look except for a few and this is one of them. The first thing that everyone notices about this set is its look. It closely resembles the original Assassin’s creed outfit, which is nostalgic in itself. Other than looks, this set is absolutely a must when it comes to sneaking in. The set bonus is -100% Adrenaline Consumed by Shadow of Nyx Ability meaning it’s free to use. On top of that, you also have +40% Movement Speed while Crouching.

AC Odyssey Best Stealth Armor Set
Best Stealth armor set in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

This set can also be considered great for the assassin damage since all the pieces have +25% Assassin Damage just like the Pirate set but both of them have different set bonuses. Other than that, this armor set has adrenaline gain engravings which make a balanced assassin and combat set.

How To Get The Pilgrim Armor Set

The Pilgrim set can be a pain to get. Each piece of the armor is scattered throughout different temples in Greece. On top of all that, the temples are heavily guarded, by guards or sometimes bandits. Sneaking into these temples is the best way to get the pieces of armor because sometimes the enemies are way too powerful for you to handle. 

Immortal Set – Best Health Armor

Damage Buffs How To Acquire
  • Restores Health back to 100% when you die.
  • 1 Minute Cooldown.
  • 120% increase in Crit Damage when on Low Health.
  • 50% increase in Crit Damage.
  • 40% Adrenaline Per Crit.
  • 125% Warrior Damage Increase.
Get Rid Of all the members of the Worshippers Of The Bloodline Cult.

This armor set is one of a kind in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. As the name suggests, this armor quite literally makes you immortal with its set bonus. Not exactly immortal but it restores 100% of your health once you die and has a cooldown of one minute. 

AC Odyssey High Health Set
Best Health armor set in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

This armor also offers some very useful engravings such as +120% CRIT Damage while Low Health, +50% CRIT Damage, and 40% Adrenaline per CRIT. All of this along with 125% warrior damage as well. This armor set is suitable for players who just want to fight head-on no matter what, even if it’s against a whole fort. Moreover, if you are one of those players it is worth hunting for this armor.

How To Get The Immortal Set

The immortal set is acquired by killing all the members of the Worshippers of the Bloodline cult. One of the eliminations is part of the main quest, one is a side quest, and while other members can be hunted down. Getting the immortal set can be a bit tiring but it’s 100% worth it. 

Greek Heroes Set – Best Defence And Resistance Armor

Damage Buffs How To Acquire
  • 20% Increase in All Resistances.
    • Protects against Fire, Toxicants, etc.
  • +60% Total Armor.
  • 20% Increase in Health.
  • Each Armor Piece provides a 25% Warrior Damage Increase.
Get Rid Of a bunch of different mercenaries each of which have a piece of the armor.

Fighting a dynamic class of opponents in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey can undoubtedly annoy even the veteran players. However, the Greek Heroes armor set is the best way to deal with literally all sorts of opponents in the game. This set has a +20% All Resistances set bonus, which will protect you against fire, toxicants, and other status effects. 

AC Odyssey Best Defense and Resistance Set
Best Defence and Resistance armor set in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

This set is most ideal for the situations such as Arena and Conquest Battles. The armor pieces of this set have engravings such as +60% Total Armor and +20% Health which will help you stay alive and keep fighting. Other than that, each piece has 25% warrior damage making it a force to reckon with. 

How To Get The Greek Heroes Set 

To acquire the Greek Heroes Set, you need to get rid of a few specific mercenaries for each set piece. Killing these mercenaries can be a bit difficult but not too much and the reward for all the killing is also worth it. Here is the list of mercenaries carrying pieces Greek Heroes Set:

  • Perseus Helmet helmet is carried by the Translucent.
  • To get Jason’s Golden Fleece get rid of the Resplendent.
  • Kill the Flash to get the Bracers of Theseus.
  • Hippolyta’s Belt can be acquired by ridding of the Frenzied.
  • And lastly, get the Atalanta Sandalsthe by defeating the Lucky Drunk.

Arena Fighter’s Set – 2nd Best Health Armor

Damage Buffs How To Acquire
  • 50%, 50%, and 25% Increase in Assassin Damage, Warrior Damage, and Hunter Damage respectively.
  • 50% Health Restored with Overpower Abilities.
Get Rid Of all the arena fighters at Level 50.

This is one of the messy armor sets in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey but it can be useful if utilized properly. Most of the pieces individually offer different damage to all types of weapons and abilities. It has +50% Assassin damage, +50% Warrior damage, and 25% Hunter damage. See if all of that was focused on just one type then it would be a much better armor set. That said if you are a player who loves switching abilities and weapons then this might be a perfect match for you.

AC Odyssey Best Health Set
2nd Best Health armor set in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

All the set bonus for this armor is absolutely crazy, which is +50% Health Restored with Overpower Abilities. Besides, your overpowering abilities will be giving you 50% of that health. The armor is only useful if you have unlocked those abilities otherwise it is not worth much.

How To Get The Arena Fighter’s Set

To get the Arena Fighter’s Set, as the name suggest you will have to defeat all the arena fighter at level 50. Since your opponents will be level 50, it is highly recommended for you to also be at level 50 at least before fighting them. You will find the arena after defeating your first mercenary the Talos, which will then unlock the quest “They just want cruelty” and this will lead you to the Arena.

Master’s Artemis Set – Best Hunter Armor

Damage Buffs How To Acquire
  • 50% Damage Increase for Hunter Abilities.
  • 50% Headshot Damage Increase.
  • 20% Bow Charging Speed Increase.
  • 50% Adrenaline Increase on a Headshot Kill.
  • 30% Increased Damage with Bows on Distant targets.
  • 20% Damage Increase with a charged bow shot.
Complete all the Daughter Of Artemis Quests.

This set is one of the best-looking armor sets in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, it has that assassin vibe and the face painting. All in all, it looks good and pleasing when you wear the complete set. However, the looks aren’t the main focus of this set, because this is a very deadly hunting outfit. The set bonus for the set is +50% Damage with Hunter Abilities, which is just insane especially for players who use hunting abilities a lot.

AC Odyssey Best Hunter Set
Best Hunter armor set in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

The individual pieces of the set heavily focus on the usage of the bow. This set has +50% Headshot Damage,+20% Bow Charging Speed, +50% Adrenaline on Headshot Kill, +30% Damage with Bows on Distant Targets, and +20% Damage with Bow Charged Shot. Furthermore, this whole armor set is perfect for players who use a bow and prefer taking their enemies down from afar.

How To Get The Master’s Artemis Set

It might take a while to get the Master’s Artemis Set, but it’s totally worth it for players wanting to get that Hunter damage. You can get this set by completing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Daughters of Artemis quests. All of these quests require you to hunt a legendary creature in the Grecce then return to Daphnae. All of the creatures are difficult to kill so it is recommended you go prepare for each of them.

Athenian War Hero Set – Best Bow Armor

Damage Buffs How To Acquire
  • Each Armor Piece has a 25% Hunter Damage Increase. A total of 125% increase.
  • 20% Increase in Bow Charging Speed.
  • 20% Damage Increase with Bow Charged Shot.
  • 50% Damage Increase on a headshot.
Get Rid Of all the members of the Delian League Of Cult Of The Kosmos.

This is a bow-focused armor set in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which pretty much makes your bow and arrow invincible. Using this set grants you the bonus on all arrows which can pierce the shields; nothing can stop your arrows. It can sometimes be annoying when your arrows are completely shut by enemy shields but no more with this set.

AC Odyssey Best Bow Set
Best Bow armor set in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

This set grants you 125% total hunting damage with each piece having +25% Hunter Damage. Along with this, you also get +20% Bow Charging Speed, +20% Damage with Bow Charged Shot, +50% Headshot Damage, which are pretty much like the Master’s Artemis Set. Overall it is the best Set to use with Bow along with Master’s Artemis Set.

How To Get The Athenian War Hero Set

You can get the Athenian War Hero Set by defeating all the members of the Delian League of the Cult of Kosmos. These cultist members can only be hunted after you have completed episode 3 of the main story. Some of the cult members can be hunted while some are part of side quests.

Demigod Set – Best Overall Armor

Damage Buffs How To Acquire
  • Each Armor Piece provides 25% and 10% in Warrior Damage and All Damage respectively.
  • A total increase of 125% Warrior Damage and 50% All Damage.
Get Rid Of Deimos. For the 5th piece complete A Fresh Start quest.

A great overall armor set in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey but still a bit more lenient towards Warrior damage. The Demigod Armor set has an increased 10% damage, which is why it can be considered a great overall set. Then each individual piece offers 25% Warrior damage and 10% all damage, combing them all you get is 125% Warrior and 50% all damage; meaning it’s good as an overall set.

AC Odyssey Best Overall Set
Best Overall armor set in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

If you are a player who loves switching and experimenting with different skills, then this set is perfect for you, and you can always switch to Warrior abilities if in trouble.

How To Get Demigod Set

The Demigod armor set is acquired after you defeat Deimos in your battle. The battle happens in Chapter 9 of the main story, which will give you 4 pieces out of 5. You can acquire the 5th piece by completing the quest called A Fresh Start. Take the quest from Aspasia who is in the Sanctuary of Delphi.

First Civilization Set – Best looking Armor Set

Damage Buffs How To Acquire
  • 125% increase in Assassin Damage in total.
  • 10 Seconds Increase for the Ares Madness Ability.
  • 220% Crit Damage while Low Health.
Loot Everything in the quests in Atlantis to get your hands on this armor set.

This armor set is hit or miss for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey players when it comes to looks. Most people would love the design, aesthetics, and overall glowy looks, while some won’t. The most appealing thing we found about this armor are the glowing circles on all the pieces. Somehow, it also has the original Assassin’s Creed feeling attached to it as well.

AC Odyssey Best Looking Set
Best Looking armor set in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

The overall efficiency of this armor set is for assassination damage. Since it gives you a total of +125% Assassin damage and a set bonus of +10s duration for Ares Madness Ability, this ability is basically an assassin damage boost for a short while. The set also has a total of 220% CRIT Damage while Low Health, making you completely lethal in that state.

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How To Get The First Civilization Set

Just like Master Assassin’s set, getting the First Civilization set is part of the DLC quests. The armor pieces are obtained during your adventures with Aletheia’s simulation of Elysium, while the Peloponnesian War is happening. During your quests in Atlantis, loot everything to find the pieces of this armor. If somehow you don’t find them go to the blacksmith, he will surely have the pieces of this.

Amazon Set – 2nd Best-Looking Armor

Damage Buffs How To Acquire
  • Restores Health on 5% Damage Dealt.
  • Each piece has a 25% Warrior Damage Increase.
  • 50% Crit Damage Increase.
  • 10% Crit Chance Increase.
  • 20% Health Increase.
Get Rid Of all the members of the Heroes Of The Cult.

Ever wanted to play Wonder Woman in an Assassin’s Creed game? Probably not but well you can get somewhat of a taste of that with The Amazon armor set. This armor set is inspired by the Greek Mythical tribe the Amazons, which is where Wonder Woman originates from as well. The amazon set has a great health bonus, which is 5% of damage dealt will be restored as health. 

AC Odyssey 2nd Best Looking Set
2nd Best Looking armor set in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

This set also has 25% warrior damage for each piece and other than that it has some common engravings. The +50% CRIT Damage, +10% CRIT Chance, and +20% Health stand out as some other useful engraving. However, if you want a health regeneration armor set then Immortal Set is the best but if you look then go this one. Lastly, Alexios will get Achilles Set and only Cassandra can get the Amazon Set.

How To Get The Amazon Set

The Amazon set is also part of the Cult of Kosmos. This time around, you will have you kill all the members of Heroes of the Cult. Three of the members can be hunted down while the rest of the two are part of the quests. 

Spartan Renegade Set – Best Crit Armor

Damage Buffs How To Acquire
  • 100% Crit Damage Increase on Warrior Abilities.
  • Each individual armor piece has 25% Warrior Damage, 20% Crit Chance, 20% Health Increase, and 50% Crit Damage.
  • 30% Damage Increase with Spears.
Can be purchased for 1000 Helix from the store in the game.

In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, this armor is one of a kind since it’s purely for crit damage. It has an insane bonus of 100% Crit Damage with Warrior Abilities. Each of the individual pieces has 25% Warrior damage along with a total of 20% Crit Chance, +20% Health, and 50% Crit Damage. This set also has a +30% Damage with spears, so use it with crit focused spear.

AC Odyssey Best Crit set
Best Crit armor set in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

It is recommended not to use any elemental perks with this weapon. Since it will take away the crit damage and a good chunk of warrior damage as well. Use engraving which increases your chance for crit chance and crit damage to get the best out of this set.

How To Get The Spartan Renegade Set

The Spartan Renegade set is purchased for 1000 Helix from the in-game store. It may or may not be worth it, however, if you like this suit then buy it. When you purchase this set you also get a legendary spear and a Spartan Renegade skin for Phobos.

Pegasos Armor Set – Best Adrenaline Armor

Damage Buffs How To Acquire
  • 200% Adrenaline Increase on every perfectly timed dodge.
  • 30% adrenaline per hit.
  • Each piece has 25% Warrior Damage.
  • 30% Damage Increase with swords.
Can be purchased for 1500 Helix from the store in the game.

The Pegasos is the best set of armor in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to use abilities with because of its adrenaline boosts. The set bonus offers +200% Adrenaline on a perfectly timed dodge, and while fighting, most players dodge a lot, meaning you will virtually have an unlimited pool of Adrenaline. If that’s not enough then one of its engravings has 30% Adrenaline per hit, and that should be enough for you to use as many abilities as you want.

AC Odyssey Best Adrenaline Armor Set
Best Adrenaline armor set in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Besides that the Pegasos set is focused on Warrior damage, each piece has +25% Warrior Damage and it also has +30% Damage with Swords; meaning you can use this set for unlimited sword warrior abilities with very high damage.

How To Get The Pegasos Set

The Pegasos Armor set is bought from the in-game store for 1,500 Helix, but it might not be worth that much. We recommend absolutely not buying this since it is way too expensive, plus you are paying real money. The set may be good for Adrenaline but other sets can be just as good. If you don’t like those, then you can always go for an epic armor with custom engravings.

Final Verdict

Except for a few armor sets, all the others are completely dominating in their own regions. Now it is completely up to you to choose the best armor for your playstyle. Some of the personal recommendations from us are the top 10 armors on the list. If you didn’t find your favorite armor set in our list, make sure to let us know about that in the comments below.

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Armor FAQs

How to get the best armor in assassin’s creed odyssey?

There is no easy way to get best armor in AC Odyssey besides doing the grind and knowing how to get the each armor set.

Where to find the best epic armor in assassin’s creed odyssey?

The best Epic Armor pieces can be gathered by completing side quests.

Is it worth upgrading the armor pieces?

Yes, upgrading armor in AC Odyssey is worth it.

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