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  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will reportedly receive the popular Infected mode at the start of Season 2 on February 15, confirmed by the Call of Duty and Infinity Ward Twitter pages.
  • The Call of Duty Twitter page responded in a friendly exchange with a fan, confirming the emergence of the nostalgia mode.
  • Infected mode involves an infected user who must infect the survivors before time runs out. The survivors have to survive and kill all the infected.
  • Infected mode also previously appeared in the Modern Warfare 2019 reboot, and players anticipated its arrival in the new sequel.

Modern Warfare 2 launched a few months ago to critical acclaim, but it lacks some of the cool classic features, including the nostalgic Infected mode. However, as confirmed by the Call of Duty Twitter page, Nostalgic Mode will see a major return in Season 2.

Twitter user Oswaldo Vega described his memories of Infected mode, noting that playing hardcore mode on Call of Duty with friends “The greatest feeling in the world.Surprisingly, the Call of Duty Twitter page hinted at releasing a confirmation with a date, which is the start of Season 2.

A pleasant exchange between a fan and the Call of Duty page has claimed a very surprising piece of news for Modern Warfare 2 fans. However, this still surprised some in the community, given the vagueness of the official response; A date can mean something else.

Regardless, Infinity Ward was quick to follow up with a more formal response, making an official tweet confirming the arrival of Infected mode once and for all. The developer team’s response has undoubtedly put to rest all doubts raised within the Modern Warfare 2 community.

The fan-favorite Infected mode was nowhere to be seen at MWII’s launch, leaving fans wanting to relive the bone-chilling Infected-killing experience with a group of friends. However, now we’ll see its return with a twist, with next-gen visuals and a massive revamp, for the first time in the recent Call of Duty timeline.

The Infected mode in Call of Duty has shared an interesting history, often appearing in a few episodes and always gaining popularity due to its simple but fun objective.

In Infected mode, a random user is chosen as the “Infected” at the start of a match, and has to infect as many players as possible. The affected user is not given any proper weapons but only strength and speed which helps in the constant pursuit of the terrified survivors.

Survivors, on the other hand, have to make sure they don’t get infected and survive until the time period ends. The match ends when the lobby runs out of any survivors or if the survivors survive long enough for the time period to expire.

Infected mode was previously featured in Modern Warfare 3 released in 2011. Since then, variants of the mode have appeared in numerous entries, including Ghosts, Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare, and the 2019 Modern Warfare reboot.

The upcoming Season 2 of Modern Warfare 2 is also full of other new content to explore. The community is thrilled to hear about the launch of Infected mode once again in just two weeks. However, we could also see the return of more classic modes and features next season, though only time will tell.

The 2019 reboot sequel opened to critical acclaim, garnering positive reviews for retaining the nostalgic charm of previous notable entries. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the best-selling game of 2022 in the United States. It has also surpassed various AAA releases such as God of War Ragvale.

What are your thoughts on Call of Duty reportedly bringing back the Infected mode in Season 2 to Modern Warfare 2? Do you think the nostalgia mode will cause another resurgence in the Call of Duty community? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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